Google Introduces Generative AI Search in India and Japan

Google has expanded its revolutionary AI search, termed the Search Generative Experience (SGE), to countries outside the US, with India and Japan being the first recipients. From August 31, users in these countries can avail themselves of this feature via Google’s Search Labs.

google introduces generative ai

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What is the Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

Unveiled during Google I/O 2023 in May, the SGE takes Google Search to a more conversational level. It’s akin to an AI chatbot, designed to provide comprehensive answers to user queries. A typical question such as, “Which beginner trek is recommended in Himachal and how can one prepare?” would conventionally require multiple searches to gather adequate information.

However, with SGE, Google handles the detailed search process, making information gathering smoother. This generative AI even offers subsequent question suggestions, like “How to capture remarkable photos during a trek?”

How to Access the Feature via Search Labs:

From August 31, Google is piloting the SGE in India through an opt-in experiment on Search Labs. Accessible through the Chrome desktop browser and the latest Google app versions for both Android and iOS, users keen on trying out the feature can:

  1. Click on the Labs icon in their Google app or on the Chrome desktop.
  2. Navigate to

Bilingual Support:

SGE is bilingual, catering to both English and Hindi speakers. Users can effortlessly switch between these languages. This development follows Google’s strides last December in making the search experience more intuitive for Indian users.

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It included innovations tailored to bilingual user requirements, the capability to search using phone cameras, and a unique speech recognition model for those conversing in Hinglish. The revamped search experience is rooted in these advanced features.

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