Google Photos Introduces Locked Folder Feature to iPhones and Web for Enhanced Privacy

In a move aimed at bolstering user privacy, Google has unveiled the expansion of its Google Photos Locked Folder feature to encompass a wider range of platforms.

This new development involves the rollout of an app update for iPhones and web users, signifying a significant step in safeguarding sensitive photos behind an added layer of security.

google photos introduces locked folder for iphone

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The update, currently in the process of being deployed, allows iOS and web users seamless access across multiple devices by leveraging Google’s cloud infrastructure.

One of the prominent aspects of the Locked Folder feature is its ability to confine selected photos while simultaneously ensuring their absence from the main photo feed and other applications.

Commenting on this initiative, Google emphasized the robust security measures in place for the data stored within the Locked Folder. Michael Marconi, a spokesperson from Google, highlighted, “We protect this data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS and encryption at rest.”

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This assurance underscores the assurance that users need not rely on the backup feature to transfer sensitive content into the cloud-based Locked Folder.

Moreover, Google has taken strides to enhance user control over privacy settings and other configurations by revamping the Google Photos settings page. The updated layout offers improved navigational ease, replacing the previous settings page.

Notable additions include dedicated sections for privacy, backup management, sharing options, notifications, and more.

In a parallel development, Google Photos has introduced an enhanced photo editor to users accessing the service through web browsers. This powerful photo editor, previously exclusive to Google One subscribers, now boasts a refreshed user interface (UI) and a host of advanced features that were hitherto confined to the mobile apps.

Among the notable additions are features such as suggested edits, an ‘Enhance’ button, expanded aspect ratio choices, and a revamped array of adjustment options complemented by supplementary controls.

Google’s extension of the Locked Folder feature to iPhones and web platforms exemplifies its commitment to user privacy. By offering secure storage for sensitive photos and ensuring their discreet presence, the company continues to refine its offerings for an enhanced user experience.

Simultaneously, the introduction of an enriched photo editor amplifies the creative potential for users engaging with Google Photos via web browsers.

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