India Leads in Video Removals: YouTube’s Community Guidelines Enforcement Report

In the span of January to March 2023, YouTube undertook the removal of more than 1.9 million videos within India due to breaches of its community norms. This action marked the highest instance of video removals among all nations, as reported by the prominent video streaming platform.


In the same time frame on a global scale, YouTube eliminated in excess of 6.48 million videos that contravened its community guidelines.

The Community Guidelines Enforcement report presents a comprehensive overview of the flags YouTube receives, as well as the methods it employs to enforce its policies.

Throughout the period encompassing January to March 2023, over 1.9 million videos were eradicated within India due to violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. For comparison, the numbers stood at 654,968 videos removed in the United States, 491,933 in Russia, and 449,759 in Brazil.

“Since its inception, our Community Guidelines have functioned as a safeguard for the YouTube community against detrimental content. We apply a blend of machine learning and human reviewers to uphold our policies,” stated YouTube.

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