Best Indian Startups 2021 – Top Businesses To Work In India

2020 might have been a bad year but so many talents came out during this year. If you are looking to working, You need to watch out this startups.

Likewise, so many people started their own small businesses like home bakers, DIY home decors, jewellery, and many more. The year was surely the time for small-scale businesses or startups in India. 

So many startups out there who are doing wonders and looking out to reach us. And we can learn a lot of things from these startups as well. 

They are more innovative when it comes to satisfying their customer. 

I am super thrilled to write about these 5 amazing startups in India who not only survived the pandemic but also standing still in the market even now by exceeding customer needs. 

So here are a few startups in India who are rocking.



SundayGrids is a company that designs new paradigms for accessing and deploying renewable energy infrastructure. 

So basically instead of fixing a solar panel on the roof, you can get access to portions of it that are hosted elsewhere and these portions are called Biscuits. 

At first, the solar panel will be installed at their partnering host sites then select the number of biscuits you need from the system and later the hosts pay for the power and the billing is made into credits then you can use the credits from the dashboard to offset the power bill. 

This startup in Bangalore was started in the year 2019 by 2 young talents Naseer Sathyala and Mathew Samuel. 

There 2 friends met in an NGO and exchanged their ideas regarding this project and started this firm. 

It is one of the best startups in India 

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram Profiles of SundayGrids – Bangalore.


arth atelier

Home is where our heart is! Designing a Home is the most strenuous task because of so many different agencies for all the different kinds of work; design, technicalities, and complicated.

But what if we give that responsibility to someone who understands our taste and makes this task easier for us?

Arth Atelier is one of the great Interior designing startups. They are not specialized only in woodwork.

They are specialized in the whole interior, which includes customized furniture design, ambiance with ceiling design, flooring design, lighting, decor items for Residential, commercial complexes, industrial buildings, institutional buildings, general woodwork, etc.

The firm is known for its quality of workmanship, on-time project completion, and providing value for money.

This startup was started in 2018 by very talented and well-deserving people Manthan Mistry and Freny Mehta.

Manthan Mistry has completed his degree in interior designing from Jain University and has work experience with many well-known interior designing companies for over 6 years.

On the other hand, Freny Mehta has completed her degree in interior designing from A.P.I.E.D Gujarat and has work experience for over 8.5years.

After realizing their potential, they quit their job and started their startup called “Arth Atelier,” which has completed over 20+ projects in the past two years. One of the upcoming startups in India.

  • Phone number:- 9427508859/8105464276
  • Email id:-
  • Address:- Kanakpura main road,konankunta cross Bangalore. 
  • Social Media: Instagram  account  of Arth Atelier           


Industry: Technology

industry technology

Simpl is a technology platform working with NBFCs and banks. 

It is also partnered with online platforms such as BookMyShow, Faasos, Zomato, big basket, and many more. 

Its mission is to provide superior quality products and services at competitive prices. With simple, merchants can also refund you for a return in a real-time world. 

It is equipped with a fully automated collection system that uses data and machine learning algorithms to optimize the collection process in a highly personalized manner. 

The targeted customer segment is tech-savvy Individuals from a middle-class background, who use mobile payment platforms to make their regular payments. 

The startup was started in the year 2015, now there are over 2500+ merchants with 7M users. 

Social Media: Instagram & Facebook Accounts of Simpl – Bangalore.

Gogo Air

gogo air

Gogo Air is an inflight internet company. They believe the internet should do everything it does on the ground, in the sky.

Gogo gives air travellers the freedom to be entertained or work more productively.

Connect air crews in new ways for better service and safer operations. And employ innovative technologies to talk to the airplanes themselves to deliver higher performance and cost savings.                            `                        

Social Media: Instagram & Facebook  accounts of Gogo Air – Chennai

House of cake

house of cake

Of course, salads are good for our body but these homemade goodies are what we live for.

House of the cake was the first startup to introduce surprise cakes/ popup cakes in Bangalore. 

The business was started in the year 2020 during the lockdown and took a high road to success in a very short period of time. 

House of cake by Sahishnavi Nanubala is one of the best startups in India. She is a fantastic home baker who is the sole proprietor of this business at a very young age. 

She is currently doing her degree in hotel management and has a lot of experience in baking. She bakes birthday cake, cupcakes, brownies, cakestickles, and many more.

  • Phone number:- 9535714509
  • Address:- #38, 1st main Chiranjeevi Layout,  Kempapura, Hebbal, Bangalore, India. 
  • SocialMedia: Facebook  & Instagram Accounts of House of the cake – Bangalore

So here are the top 5 startups in India.

Being the youth and next generation of the country, we should push ourselves to take a calculative risk and kick start as many startups as we can and help to grow our country in every aspect as these best 5 startups in India mentioned above. 

If you like this blog or have any questions regarding these startups in India let me know in the comment section below. 

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  1. If you ask me every city and every startup has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is the duty of the entrepreneur to check out his or her preferences along the line of action. Whatever India has achieved in the field of tech and startups is commendable and when we talk tech, the city which pops up in our head is Bangalore. I had heard a little about the SundayGrids and had gathered some info about Naseer Sathyala and Mathew Samuel. It was great reading about these talented gentlemen and the very useful startup they in. Thanks for the article.

    1. Bengaluru has always been the hub of IT industry. The city has the best entrepreneurial ecosystem and financial environment to start and grow a business. Moreover, the metropolitan city has a lot of networking opportunities that bloster the growth of startups in the area and thus makes Bangalore a “Startup Heaven”.

  2. Thank you for sharing such an information blog.
    SundayGrids idea for a business it’s truly amazing. Hope India come up with such amazing startups in future too.

  3. Unlike other startup blogs this one have information about those startups which are doing well in market and needs a little push to there business.
    Thank you for mentioning these Amazing startups which we were not aware of.

  4. In recent times, we could see the major differences in how the government supports the startups by introducing many schemes. Entrepreneurs should make use of it wisely, and plan to build their business. Nice to see the above companies have performed well even at this juncture. I got inspired with Simpl, like how they have initiated the online credit for middle class groups.

  5. I’m really happy to see house of cakes in this list, they work helping customer by providing customized baking products. That’s so unique, I already started sharing their insta profile within my circle.

  6. This article about startup businesses looks more informative, lots of positive to take from it,great work.

  7. There were so many blogs about this topic, but this article listed deserved best 5 startup business and the info about it,well done.

  8. Thinking of a startup my brain takes me back to a decade back when life was a lot simpler but today the tech changed the world and with the tech comes the startups.. I am glad you had written an article about the best startups that took place in the pandemic because many of them go unrecognised. We’re living in a Digital Revolution and we want things to be faster on a tap and go. I have to tell you that I have used House of Cakes and have really liked their service. As I am a foodie myself I hope they succeed. hehe

  9. I believe Reliance boomed India with the Internet in 2016 and that provided convenience. India saw massive growth and If I talk about the statistics 687 million Indians had access to the internet in 2020 and that makes it almost 50% of the Indian population. I am a 41y/o interior designer and startups like the Arth interiors really blows me and motivates me to move forward. Thank you for the article. God bless

  10. when we hear the name startups, It always bring up joy in my mind and as a person i want them to succeed, And its really nice to see startup companies like simpl growing in the manner they are.

  11. Hi, I am more of a tech enthusiast and read a few blogs online, have to tell you nobody has so far written such a good article about the startups but i have a little suggestion if you missed “” It’s an interior design startup and i had once contacted the folks reagrding the home interior and i have to tell you, their servce is great. They are based in Bangalore(sarjapura) know about it because i live in Sarjapura too. Shoutout to them as its still blooming and people got to know about it. Thanks

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