Best DTH In India – Comparison And Price List

Are you annoyed with your cable tv operator, DTH is the best replacement, there only few service providers offering services in India.

If you want to know about the cheapest and lowest price DTH in India? So you are in the right place.

Television media in Indian DTH market has grown and achieved lots of popularity over the years.

As we watch high-quality content such as the latest movies and TV series, the latest news & sports updates and much more.

Direct to Home services generally know as DTH is a type of communication medium used via television informing the masses on the events going around the globe.

The industry has seen a significant shift in packages tailored to every household viewing preference like kids pack, educational pack, Hindi movies, regional entertainment, kids news, lifestyle packages, private channels, live tv and much more.

New TRAI Rules

Since February 2019, the new rules by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has replaced all the pre-existing recharges and channel subscription with a new unified framework.

trai new dth rules

Now you can virtually make your personal channel packs paying only for those channels which you want to watch.

All services had to update their channel pricing accordingly.

Some terms you need to know: 

  1. FTA: Free-To-Air channels that you can watch for free.
  2. DRP: Distributor Retail Price (price you have to pay for a channel pack)
  3. A la carte: Called as Pick-and-Pay, a la carte channels are subscribed individually.

India currently has only few selected DTH services as the market has been domination Fiber broadband. We have curated a list of Best DTH in India who give the best DTH plans according to its popularity.

So, let’s get to it without any further do.

Top DTH providers in India

Provider NameDD Free DishTATA PlayAirtel Digital TVDish TVD2H
No: of Channels116601563600 490
SD channels80495428100326
HD channels1997249 61
No: of subscribers 43 Million 22 million18 million29 million69.98 million
Contact number 011-2580 62001800 208 663318001036065095017 9501791156 91156.

Price Comparison of DTH Providers in India

Name of DTH providerInstallation chargesSet-top box chargesPackage starts from
DD Free Dish200 to 3501199
TATA PlayFree 999203.76
Airtel Digital TV2501,253252
Dish TV 2001,298100 

List of Top 6 Best DTH In India You Can Consider

Here is a compiled list of best dth service in India, making it easy for your to choose the most suitable connection for you, whether for primary or secondary connection.

DD Direct Plus or DD Free Dish

DD Direct Plus or DD Free Dish is a free satellite television provider. Started in 2004, and unlike other providers, it is free regional doordarshan channels.

dd dish - free dth in india

It is owned by Doordarshan. It has reached a whopping 30 million households, which is an impressive figure. Though the range of channels is less and most of them are only “DD channels“, because its completely free.

This does not limit your options as you can still watch sports, music, serials, and movies. They do have a few private and national channels like Zing, B4U movies, BU Music, 9XM etc.

If you are looking for a free DD Direct Plus is the best option. You just need to call Customer Care Number: 1800110510 or visit there Website –

TATA Play (Formerly TATA Sky)

tata play

TATA Sky, another famous name in DTH market, is a joint venture between TATA companies and 21st Century Fox which is now owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Though it came a few years after DishTV it was quick to attract subscribers with much flexible packs and combos along with an attractive range of channels.

Tata sky was the first to launch 4K Set-top box and video-on-demand service.

The ad campaign of Tata Sky has been one of the most successful ones being quite catchy and getting the point across actively. Like DishTV, Tata sky dth plans offers a wide range of channels in various languages.

You can also get the local channels. Currently, Tata Sky offers around 600 hundred channels out of which there are a total of 99 HD channels.

You can call TATA Sky Customer Care Number: 1860 120 6633 or visit there Website: or click here to know the price

Airtel Digital TV

airtel digital tv

Bharti Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in India launched Airtel Digital TV in the year 2008 and became the best DTH service provider offering nearly 500 channels, including several HD channels.

Bharti Airtel DTH channel provides storage services, much like many set-top boxes of its kind. The business was well received on the market, and their number of subscriber base grew significantly over the threshold of 10 million.

Besides, Airtel allows unlimited recording to its customers to record programs and also get multiple connections through one dish.

This multiple-connection facility is particularly beneficial when entire buildings or housing complexes subscribe and get great discounts and customised packages.

Airtel has also launched its Android TV-based set-top box at an affordable price tag.

To get your Airtel Digital TV connection you call to there Customer Care Number: 18001036065 or visit Website – or click here to know the price



DishTV, a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, is the first DTH service provider in India. It came at a time when the market was dominated by cable operators.

Although, it has now been operated combinedly by the Zee Group and the Videocon group.

The company started slow, rather than trying to go for a more significant share of the market, explicitly focusing its attention on areas where getting cable was a hassle.

Currently, dish tv new connection offers more than 300 channels so that you can tailor the viewing experience with many kits and combos to choose from.

A parent lock may be used to discourage the offensive content of your children. The set-top box is filled with records.

Today, the company and its branches have a whopping 17.7 million subscribers.

Subscribe to DishTV today by call at Customer Care Number: 1800-270-0300 for visit Website to or click here to know the price



Videocon D2H is one of the top DTH service provider founded in 2009 and gained a decent market share due to its affordable packs and combos.

Today, D2H is a subsidiary of DishTV, and together with its parent company, they have the largest market share. The merger between Videocon D2H and DishTV took place in 2016. D2H alone has 19% of the total subscribers.

The company boasts 650 channels available all over India, giving it a wide and varied customer base.

The biggest attraction of D2H is the sheer variety of channels it offers. Customers can enjoy a massive selection of SD and HD channels with clear pictures and good clear sound thanks to the MPEG-4 technology that it uses with an option to pause and rewind live TV.

The company offers four grades of set-top boxes, a variety of add on exclusive kids’ channels, significant discounts on long term subscriptions and dish tv recharge, standard antenna options for multiple connections, and lots more, giving its customers the chance to customize as much as possible.

To more on D2H Packages and Plans call there Customer Care Number: 91156 91156 or visit there Website –

Zing Digital

Zing Digital is another subsidy of DishTV, launched in January 2015 providing its services at nominal cost specially on regional content.

The company operates currently in the states of Kerala, West Bengal and Odisha.

With intense competition in DTH marketplace DishTV introduced affordable packs like Rs. 99/- channel pack which include free to air channels.

This created paradigm shifts for DishTV, in terms of the services and that too in providing cheapest DTH connections in India.

This is also counted as the only listed company in the DTH services

If you are Kerala, West Bengal and Odisha you get cheapest plans. Just call at Customer Care Number: 1860-120-5757 or visit there Website –

Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a Sun Network division, a Chennai-based service provider launched in 2007, primarily targeting in southern India and all regional language channels.

Initially, they achieved success by providing free set-top boxes and a deficient basic monthly plan. This helped them gain customers, and today they have more than 10 million subscribers.

It offers mainstream English and Hindi channels, but the main focus is on the South Indian language channels.

Sun Direct packages and prices are a significant attraction for niche audiences, capturing this market’s colossal chunk.

Subscribe to one of the best and affordable regional language in South India. Just call at Customer Care Number: 1800 123 7575 or visit Website –

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have got to pay extra for installation?

Standard installation is included within the price. However, if its requires additional wire or accessory, then you may need to pay extra.

Who takes care of the warranty on the product?

The warranty is taken care of by respective provider and is valid on the set-top box for one year from the date of activation.

Which is the lowest priced DTH in India?

All operators have low-cost offers. You would like to match the offers and choose the most uncomplicated cheap DTH service in India.

What about installation?

Installation is completed by local authorized representatives of the respective DTH company. The technician will seek a previous appointment before coming for the installation of a replacement DTH connection.

How will I get the product?

We process orders as soon as we receive them. Delivery, installation, and repair activation are then handled by respective DTH service providers, which is usually done within 24 to 48 hours.

Which is the best DTH service in India?

Every DTH company has different offerings. They need different packages. You’ll compare DTH services in India and choose one that supports your requirements. All DTH operators offer an HD set top box and SD set-top box.

Once I install the HD set-top box, so I’ve got to pay the other charges apart from the monthly fees?

No, you have to pay just for the channel package you would like to buy.

Why We need DTH Connection?

Sometimes this question may pop up in the mind that we need DTH connections in these times; the internet is on BOOM!

The DTH provides us with excellent picture quality and sound, and other features that enable you to get a refined experience in the best possible way. We all have to agree with arguments that for home entertainment, nothing can beat televisions till now.


Be it what so ever, still DTH Market is being dominated by TATA Sky, DishTV, Airtel Digital TV, and Sun Direct.

With JIO in the competition, we could expect many price reductions in the current pricing and plans.

While taking any of the above DTH services, make sure you check the packages and plans that suit your requirements.

The list boils down to the top 4 best DTH service that offer the best services in the country to consider the above.

Share your view and though via our comment section and your experience which is the best digital tv services in India according to you.


  1. I have been using Sun direct DTH for past one year and the worst part is we aren’t getting any proper support from their end in terms of service. It’s better to prefer android TV with WIFI where you can get benefitted with lot more facilities.

  2. Tatasky is one of the best servicer provider for his Service and quality, And It has option of small amount recharge which start from 20rs and can watch it for 2 days, This is best option which is available only in Tatasky.

  3. In my opinion, people should go for Tata Sky. It is the 2nd largest DTH provider in India and provides the maximum amount of HD channels in the country. The last time I checked, they had 170+ HD channels.

  4. Most of the dth services have issues with bad weather or when it’s raining. Can you please also suggest which of the above dth services will work during the rainy season too

  5. I have been using Tata sky dish from past 2 years, the experience is good, connection is good in affordable price. Referring you to use Tata sky dish for the better experience!

  6. Earlier I was a Videocon Dth subscriber, due to connectivity issues I had to opt for a different DTH provider. I found Tata sky DTH as a suitable one since the subscribers were many. Although there is no much price difference, the connectivity is good. Thanks for the information.

  7. I have been using the TaTa sky dth service for 5 years and it really provides good service. I would recommend it to my friends and near one to use it and enjoy it’s service.

  8. very well explained
    I was confused between TATA sky and Airtel Digital TV and I was looking for comparison between these two. Then I came across this blog which have explained very well about dth services. Now I have TATA sky at home and it’s providing excellent service without any complaint.
    thank you so many for sharing such informative blog

  9. I used to have Tata-sky before but I somehow came up with an issue of pricing but anyhow this gives me an idea to try out other options aswell. Thank you 🙂

  10. I am searching for a new DTH connection this post helps me to find best one. I prefer Airtel DTH Because its provides multi connections and good storage

  11. Videocon d2h is always a good d2h service provider. The installation process and the technician is also fine. Videocon d2h is always a good d2h service provider. The installation process and the technician is also fine.

  12. I was using Videocon d2h 2 months back, shifted to JIO Fibernet because of the best pricing plans. Though videocon d2h was a good service, but pricing was not the great. With JIO I am able be get all 15 OTT platform and + unlimited Internet Connection of 256 Mbps.

  13. I was using Videocond2h till last month as it was a good service provider. Later I switched to Jio Fibernet as it provides good plans at reasonable price and moreover they offer access to Netflix, Amazon and many other platforms in the best pricing Plans Which i cant access in Videocon D2h as it is slow at times. I would prefer Jio to all people who want to change thier D2H connections. Thank you for the information. it was useful

  14. Thank you for the blog.
    It’s good to see the details of all top DTH service providers here in one go. In my experience with DTH service providers, the Airtel service is quite expensive than other DTH service providers. Earlier we don’t have plenty of options but now as we can see a lot of other options. I would like to prefer JIO because it provides other subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Hotstar, etc which are included in their package at competitive prices.

    1. Hey Vivek, thanks for sharing your experience with us. yes, Nowadays all the DTH services started to charge per channel. when we choose more channels we will end up paying more per month. JIO DTH services is a new initiation and they have attractive price plans too… but it is not available in all the locations like other DTH services in INDIA. Hope that is available at your place.

  15. I have been using TATA SKY for the last 5 Years and I totally impressed with their service. I think they are one of the top notch user Interface and App yet user friendly. The top 5 reason why I like their service are:

    1) User friendly APP which helps you select & modify your preferred channels . This feature is essential for someone who is out of station and as a individual can remove all channels from his menu and ensure he is not be charged for his non usage time. One can manage his/her preferred channel only during their viewing Hours and deactivate their channel during the idle time.
    2) You can select the channels basis your budget and also basis your preference . The choice system is available on their app is fabulous and works out really economical.
    3) The option to make payments on the APP is simple without any hassles.
    4) The dashboard of your account provides the user their usage information and balance. Also it shows the user the available balance and the next due date for payment. This helps users to plan their budget and schedule.
    5) The quality of the output i.e. HD quality on a HD Set top Box is simply outstanding.
    6) The overall quality of the Set top Box , remote provided (which acts as a Universal Remote) and the receivers are all of excellent quality.

    Overall I would rate TATA Sky a 5 /5. I know most company give a Good customer Experience, but TATA SKY has over exceeded this expectation for me and I’m glad to say they know how to give their customers a CUSTOMER DELIGHT experience!!!

    1. Hey Sarika, Thanks for sharing your experience with the TATA SKY DTH service. It is very helpful to the one who is looking for more information about the best DTH Services in India. Cheers!!

  16. Great and useful information about the DTH services. I didn’t have much idea about this topic before, I was using the cable TV connection, as I was facing a few issues I started searching for the best DTH services. This article was so helpful to understand the pros and cons of each service and choose the best DTH services for my home. But I would like to know which DTH service will work better during the rainy season too.

  17. A very good content , as i was using the local cabel network i was not having much idea about the DTH service , this content helped me to understand the clear picture of the DTH companies and their service . thankyou . keep going

  18. We have airtel dth from past few years and it is best in terms of customer support and signal reception and the best part is it very economical and very competitive pricing.

  19. it is a good stetop box at my home n good connection of airtel but some time the connection goes at the time of rain or some wind problem n rest of the thing is good

  20. Had been previously using Videocon and recently shifted to Tata Sky for the better service and channel that us provided by the cable operator. The recharge option for Tata Sky has been comparatively easier when compared to Videocon.

    The channel packages offered by Tata Sky is cheaper and more. Hence shifting to Tata Sky was a better option and have been using the same channel provider for the past few years.

  21. so far my experience with airtel has been quite good. its reliable but there are few problems with connections but overall its the best DTH i have ever experienced

  22. We have airtel connection since many years and its a good one, it has a good pay plan for the month but the only thing is the signal gone at the time of rain n fast wind and rest of th thing is good in it thanks to airtel.

  23. We had Airtel d2h when we wanted to watch a movie, then it was time-consuming because they give lost of ads for that reason we shift to Amazon Prime, watch what ever you want to watch without any disturbances.

    Now we have Amazon Prime fire stick, and it has quite good services with no ads at affordable price

  24. I am Currently using OTT Services, Prior to this was using TATA SKY, the reason for switch is because OTT Services are very personal, TATA SKY is more social.

    Here we pay for what we watch rather than what is offered to us, With OTT it allows an easy access to their personalised content at our Convince, Hence OTT platforms are a more preferable options to me.

  25. I was using sun direct earlier, now pitched up to hathway services. It is because of network issue, it will be disconnected when it is raining, if the plan is expired. But in hathway, we will not face such issues. There is no dish and can be paid any time in whole month.

  26. Have been Using Airtel Xtreme from past 3-4 years and i am personally satisfied with the services because you get a lot of options and you can have a watch of any programs at your scheduled time and the platform is most preferred and i can recommend people to use Airtel Xtreme.

  27. I have been using Airtel DTH from past 4 year and I’m happy and satisfied with their convenient plans and services.

  28. We have been using Sun Direct in the past and a year ago we switched to Airtel Black. The services are good but most importantly I’m impressed with their Customer Service.

  29. Useful information. Great to see the details of all top DTH service providers here in one go. I am a Tata sky user. Till now haven’t faced any issues with it. Even while shifting our house they were super fast and charged us minimum. I’m happy and satisfied with their convenient plans and services.

  30. I was Using Dish Tv in the past and now i am using DEN DTH because of It’s services and dish Tv is not competing with it’s competitors well.

  31. Currently addicted with tata sky which is now tata play, earlier we were using airtel which was quite good but it gets disturbed very easily even through a slight weather change..

  32. I use sundirect DTH for HD channels, i think it really affordable comparing to other DTHs in India, they have lots of packages for all major languages in India.

  33. I’m using JIO DTH and Fiber Broadband which provides me with excellent picture quality good sound, and other features that enables to get a refined experience in the best possible way.

  34. i am using Dish TV DTH services from past 3 years which is providing a good services even in the cloudy condition

  35. Please recommend a DTH that will provide me with the most channels and children’s channels for free.This should supply me with all kannada channels for my mother, business channels for my husband, and religious channels for my grandparents.

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