Best Diwali Wishes 2022 – Diwali Wishes Images, Messages, Quotes, Status, Photos, and Greetings

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Diwali festival of lights is one of the biggest and most popular festivals in India. Originally a Hindu festival, it is now celebrated by both Hindus and Sikhs. Diwali is celebrated to mark the homecoming of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana and his triumph over evil. 

According to Hindu mythology, this Diwali marks the end of the Durga Devi’s evil and everyone is happy and prosperous.

This year Diwali is celebrated on the 4th of November and it’s time to search for Diwali Wishes & Diwali Quotes.

Here are some of the best Diwali wishes for your family and friends, quotes and social media captions for all your beautiful pictures. 

Best Diwali Wishes For Friends

Best Diwali Wishes For Friends
  • Let this Diwali burn all of your dangerous times and enter you in smart times. Happy Diwali!
  • A heartily wishes to you and your family at the festival of the festival lights, May all your happiness light up and sorrows burn. Happy Diwali 
  • May the beauty of the diwali session fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy! Happy Diwali
  • Rejoice on the blessed occasion, by spending joy with your friends and loved ones.
  • The lights glowing on diwali inspire us to shine in true spirit! May this glittering festival make you shine all the way! Wish you a great Diwali
  • Give out children a green future. Say no to fireworks. Happy Diwali
  • Diya’s are God’s way of telling you that there will always be a light to drive away darkness. May the light of diyas bring joy to your life. 
  • Happiness is in the air, its diwali everywhere,let’s show some love and care and wish everyone out there. Happy Diwali
  • May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever. Wishing you and your family. Happy Diwali.
  • Life with you is like Diwali, so let’s promise to be together like this forever, Mouth full of sweets, house full of diyas and heart full of joy. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. 
  • Warm and elite wishes not only for a special occasion but for today and forever. Happy Diwali
  • May Diwali light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright and beautiful, and fill your days with surprises and moments. Happy Diwali
  • Delightful laddoos, Incandescent diyas, whole lot of smiles and laughter, a big stock  of masti, lots of mithani, wishing you fun and endless celebration. Happy Diwali.
  • Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and lighting up the world of others. Have a happy, safe, and blessed Diwali 
  • Just like the colours of rangoli, hope this Diwali brings new smiles, undiscovered avenues, and different perspectives and unbound happiness. Have a wonderful Diwali.
  • May the beauty of Diwali season fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy.
  • Sending you warm diwali wishes to brighten up your life. Have a great diwali with friends and family. 
  • May the lamps light up your house and heart and bless you throughout the year. Lots of love 
  • Lets light up the lamps and stop burning firecrackers this year. Happy Diwali
  • Happy Diwali to you and your family.

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Best Diwali Wishes For Family

Best Diwali Wishes For Family
  • May this Diwali burn all the bad times and things for you and help you enter in good times. Have a happy Diwali.
  • May the darkness be cast away and hopes to rejoin your life. Happy Diwali
  • The festival is all about joy, peace and celebration. Enjoy and celebrate it with us as a family. 
  • Happiness is in the air because it is the ambience of Diwali, which is everywhere. Shower love, care, and joy on everyone you meet. Rejoice on this blessed occasion and spread sparkles of peace and goodwill.Happy Diwali.
  • May the beauty of Deepavali season fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy. Happy Diwali
  • Shine like a light and glow like you always do and burn all your negativity like crackers. Happy Diwali. 
  • As sweet as mithai, as beautiful as lights, may your diwali be as lit as you are. Happy Diwali
  • Candles to enjoy, life Decorations to light life, Presents to share success, firecrackers to burn evils, Sweets to sweeten success, and worship to thank God. Happy Diwali 
  • Happy Diwali from mine to yours 
  • This Diwali may god bless you with all the happiness you need Happy Diwali 
  • This Diwali, pray to god that this pandemic should end soon and everything should get back to normal. Happy Diwali
  • Let’s celebrate this Diwali without bursting crackers and save the environment. Happy Diwali 
  • Have a safe and happy festival by maintaining social distance. Happy Diwali
  • May lamps of Diwali brighten your life and Rongoli add more hues to your life. Happy Diwali 
  • Wishing the goodness of this festival season dwells within you and stays throughout your life. Happy Diwali 
  • Wishing you the glam, and happiness today, tomorrow and forever. Happy diwali 
  • You make my world bright with love on diwali. I hope that the festival adds serenity to your life. Happy  Diwali
  • Thank you for being the light in my life you gave me. Happy Diwali 
  • Let each diya you light bring a glow of happiness on your face and enlighten your soul. Happy Diwali
  • Let’s celebrate this festival of lights in a true sense. Happy Diwali

Hope these Diwali Wishes brings lots of joy in your family. Have a happy and safe Diwali.

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Diwali Quotes & Diwali Wishes

  • The significance of diwali is the removal of darkness and ignorance from the mind and filing it with goodness- Sri Chandrasekharendra saraswathi 
  • It’s the occasion to throng the temple, pray to gods and give them offerings. It’s an opportunity to entreat the deities, To bless us all and rid us of sufferings.
  • When you can make someone else smile. When you can be someone’s ally. That’s when you can yourself be glad. That’s when you’ll have a happy Diwali 
  • Your Diwaii Day is Packed with Pleasant Surprises My Sincere Wishes are For You happy Diwali 
  • 1 heart and 2 eyes, with my 1 heart, 2 eyes, 7 liter blood, 206 bones, 4.5million red cells, 60 trillion DNA. I wish you a very very Happy Diwali. 
  • Wear new clothes , eat lots of sweets, give each other gifts and enjoy the festival. Happy Diwali. 
  • May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity. Happy Diwali
  • There is no festival like Diwali because all kids love it. Happy Diwali 
  • This Diwali let’s all dedicate to the Lights more than the noise.
Diwali wishes 2021
  • Troubles as light as Air, love as deep as Ocean, Friends as Solid as Diamonds, and Success as bright as Gold.These are the wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali.
Happy Diwali
  • Paying respects to the gods, and decorating for them the Thali, this is what the occasion is all about, this is the spirit of Diwali.
  • This Diwali burns all the negativity like crackers and brings positivity like diya. Happy Diwali 
  • This is a special time of the year so enjoy with your loved ones. Happy Diwali  
  • Diwali is a time where people exchange a lot of gifts so let’s exchange lots of gifts this year. Happy Diwali 
  • May thousands of lamps light up your life with endless happiness, richness, health & wealth forever wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.
  • Let this diwali burn all your bad times and enter you in good times. Happy Diwali.
  • Light a lamp of love! Blast a chain of sorrow! Shoot a rocket of prosperity. Fire a flowerpot of happiness. Wish You a Happy Diwali.
  • This Diwali never forget my friend, every cracker you burn becomes the ink in the pen that will sign the death warrant for your children and all the children in the world.- Abhijit Naskar
  • Diwali is a festival of light and hope, not of pollution and death. -Abhijit Naskar
  • You cannot celebrate the festival of light before combating the darkness within – Kapil Raj

Social Media Caption For Diwali – Diwali Wishes

  • It is Diwali and I gotta kiss my light. Happy Diwali 
  • Trying to be pataka instead of bursting one 
  • Adding a little colours and sparkle to your feed
  • Let the light shine out of darkness
  • Let’s make this night long and bright 
  • It ain’t Diwali if there isn’t a picture with diya
  • Lights will guide you home 
  • Keep shining no matter how dark it is 
  • A very joyous diwali to all except those north indians who are tucked all cozy in their blankets.
  • It was all about getting in festival feels in the style 
  • Light up your life with some Diwali light 
  • Myself like Diwali bright but smokey 
  • Make it simple but Significant 
  • Festival mode 
  • Sometimes you don’t need to post. You just gotta be natural 
  • Let us light up lives with hopes and dreams 
  • Let each diya you light bring a glow of happiness on your face and enlighten your soul. Happy Diwali 
  • May goddess laxmi prosperity in your home this diwali 
  • We love the Diwali vibes at home, with these gorgeous lights 
  • Let’s start to fight with darkness and move to light 
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These are the best Social Media Captions for Diwali or Diwali Wishes to share with your family or Friends.

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in Indian culture, and is celebrated in the autumn. It is celebrated over 5 days by many Indians, and is celebrated with joy and happiness. 

It is a time where people come together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The festival of Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. 

So here were the best Diwali wishes, quotes and social media captions. If you liked this blog please like and share and if I have missed out any of your favorite wishes drop it in the comment section below. Have safe Diwali.

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