5 Best Places To Visit In Vellore And Tourist Attractions In 2021

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Want to know about the best tourist places in Vellore? 

A district situated in the north-east part of Tamil Nadu and also well known for its leather and medicinal hub. It is a sprawling city surrounded by a vast number of rural areas.

The climatic condition of summer, winter, and monsoon will hit the roof since the localities are amidst the mountains. And it has a blend of patrimony and culture reflecting the former civilizations.

Listed below are the top 5 best places to visit in Vellore which you cannot afford to miss.

Vellore Fort

Vellore Fort

Vellore Fort was built in the 16th century, and it’s still in existence that denotes an identity. Local people would refer to it as “Heart of Vellore” considering the centre of the city.

After occupancy of British in 1760, they were used as a military brigade and had both religious and secular structures which include three mahals, A Temple, A Mosque, and a Church.

The fort was constructed with massive cut stones made of granites leaving behind the trace of ancient times work. 

The famous Jalakanteswara temple has a separate tourism base for its eye-capturing magnificent carvings. It would take 3 hrs to complete visiting all the spots.

Here a complete walk thorough video of the magnificent & Majestic Vellore Fort.

Sripuram Golden Temple Vellore

Sripuram Golden Temple In Vellore

Vellore Golden temple is also known as Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple or Mahalakshmi temple, located 6 km away from Vellore city in Tamil Nadu.

It’s considered one of the biggest golden temples globally, which covers an area of 404685 square m. This temple is very famous for its idols, made of more than 1500 kg of pure gold, and was inaugurated on 24th August in 2007.

Visiting a temple covered with gold foil positioned in the middle of lush green grasses will surely capture one’s spot right away.

The footpaths are designed in a star-shaped manner where one should walk along the path to reach the temple. The atmosphere filled with bliss and peace altogether, experiencing a serene feel.

Vellore Golden Temple Timings

If you visit the Golden temple, the best timings are between 9 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 7:30 PM, all 365 days.

It would take nearly 2 hrs to finish off the journey.

Amirthi Forest

Amirthi Forest is not just a forest but only a zoological park available for the whole zone situated 25 km from Vellore, which comes under the Javadu hills range which got established in the year 1967 to function as a tourist spot. 

You can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls inside the jungle and can encounter numerous kinds of birds and wild animals caged to protect the Wildlife sanctuary.

The road leading through the forest has wholly wrapped with trees which tunes our mood even more soothing. Also, you will come across a tribal community on which their habitation relies on the forest.

Yelagiri Hill Station

Yelagiri Hill Station Vellore

Yelagiri Hill Station which is 70 Km away from Vellore crossing Ambur and Thirupathur. The topography keeps changing like other hill stations since it is located 1000+ meters above the sea level.

The route before entering the town sprung across vastly with eucalyptus trees that give an immense essence of smell uplifting our energy to the next level.

Below are the places to visit inside Yelagiri:

  1. Swamimalai hills
  2. Punganoor lake
  3. Velavan temple
  4. Nature park
  5. Jalagamparai Temple

You can take your vehicle to visit all the places. Just for a weekend, it will be a quick escape gateway to feed your soul.

Sathuvachari Hill

Sathuvachari Hills a small trek leading from a place Sathuvachari, which is located 1 km from Vellore central bus stand. And it takes 1 hr to reach the top for glancing the entire city at one spot.

With a place full of greenery filled up while doing the trek, a mix of breeze and gust would welcome us pleasantly. The best time to do the trek is during winter and monsoon for the view and engaging atmosphere.

You can go through local transport to reach the base.

You can also look for the below places if you get a chance to visit Vellore,

  1. Javadu hills
  2. Bagayam hill
  3. Rathnagiri Temple
  4. Singiri kovil
  5. Vainu bappu observatory
  6. Palamathi hills


To sum up, Vellore is a place jam-packed with religious and adventure sites. Hope the above content looks informative.

Please leave your feedback in the comment section. Also looking forward to your suggestion to write a blog about the places. 

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