Best Gokarna Beach Resorts – Must Visit Gokarna Beaches in 2021

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Have you been to Gokarna before? Then you would have never missed out Gokarna beaches.

Beach is something I love and I can sit in front of a beach for hours without getting bored. 

Watching sunset or sunrise with your loved one or even spending alone time will make everything alright. Gokarna beach has many fun filled activities where you can enjoy all kinds of water sports and really good food shakes in it.

In this blog I will talk everything about beaches you will want to know. 

So here is my first blog about the place I love the most. Let’s get started,

Here are the list of 5 Gokarna beaches that you can drop by!

1. Gokarna Beach 

gokarna beach

The beach is an overly crowded place in Gokarna because it’s close to Mahabaleshwar Temple. 

It has an ample number of shops and you can find localities. If you are looking for a fake deadlock to your hair there are so many shops near the main beach where you can get it done. 

It is a brilliant spot to watch the sunset and to take a holy dip in the beach. 

2. Om Beach – Gokarna

Om beach

What comes to your mind when you hear om beach? Well probably there might be a temple so it’s called om beach right? But no that is not it. 

Om beach got its name because it’s in the shape of om sign. It is one of the famous beaches in gokarna and a great tourist spot. 

How would you feel if you get a cup of coffee with a stunning beach view? Awesome right !

Yes, you are welcomed with 2 famous food joints, 1. Dolphin cafe and  2. Namaste cafe, Gokarna. If you are looking for a place to chill with your friends with an ocean view this is the place I would suggest. And it’s a safe place for a great swim. 

3. Kudle Beach – Gokarna

Kudle Beach

Kudle beach is one of the happening and famous beaches in Gokarna. 

It’s about 7km from the main town of Gokarna. It has so many food shacks and great accommodation in it. 

Two of my favorite food shacks in kudle beach are, 1. Bhagwan cafe and 2. Mantra cafe,Gokarna. 

If you are looking for accommodation then  Zostel is the best option.. The beauty that zostel carries with an ocean view tells what gokarna exactly has to show you.Trust me you will fall in love with that place. 

If you are looking for a quiet place to chill, I would suggest bhagwan cafe it’s about 20 mins walk from mantra cafe.  

4. Paradise beach – Gokarna 

Paradise beach

It is an isolated beach in Gokarna but yet it is the most beautiful beach there. The beach has only access by foot or boat. 

If you have a car or bike, you can park it in a place called shanti cafe and trekke from there. 

You can also experience bioluminescence in Paradise beach. There are no hotels but there are tents available to stay . 

It is a less populated,pollution free beach and the best place for getting lost in your own company . 

The beach doesn’t have a good network but who needs to use a phone when you are on such a beautiful beach.

5. Halfmoon Beach 

halfmoon Beach

The beach is famous among backpackers and foreigners. The beach got its name because it’s in the shape of half moon. 

It has very clean water and is great for a swim in the ocean. It has water activities like canoeing and paddle boats. 

The best time to visit this place is between October and march. 

How to Reach Gokarna?

Looking for a vacation? Don’t think about Goa and Maldives which is trending all over the internet now. Why not Gokarna ? It is as easy as going to Goa or Maldives and it has so many beautiful beaches.

  • Bangalore to Gokarna – 489km
  • Travel Time – 9-10 Hrs 
  • Best time to visit – September to March  
  • Budget for 3 days trip- 5000-6000rs (for a single person) 

So here are all the things you want to know about Gokarna Beach. Trust me if you are a beach person this is the best place. 

There are several other places in India which can be visited or explored.

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If you like this blog please do comment and share. Want to know more about Gokarna? I will be posting a blog soon which will have complete information about this beautiful place.

A travel freak and a backpacker who loves to explore and expedite. hands-on experience in digital marketing as an added skill. A photographer and big-time fan of Marvel movies.


  1. Brijesh Bhargav Reply

    Halfmoon beach is one of the favorite beaches in Karnataka. This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, trekking, and even camping. If you love trekking and also beaches, Then Halfmoon beach in Gokarna is your next destination. Isn’t it Crazy ?????????.

    • That’s true Half Moon beach is one of the best beaches in Gokarna and you can also experience these water sports in Paradise beach and om beach as well. Just try covering all beaches while you are in there and you will have the most beautiful experience.

  2. “Great Share”!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us about the best beaches to visit in Gokarna. I had never been to Gokarna. After reading your article I fell in love with Gokarna beaches. Is there any story behind the half-moon beach? I can see the dream catchers are beautifully arranged to the tree at half-moon beach.

    • Gokarna is one of my favorite places to visit. If you have never been to Gokarna you should. trust me you will fall in love with this place. The beaches are not that crowded and you can have peaceful time over there. There is no such stories behind Half mood beach, the beach is in the share of half circle so it’s called has half moon beach. And also you can get those dream catchers there for just 100 to 200rs from the local seller.

  3. Oh ..nice! Paradise beach has won my heart. looking forward to visit the place.

  4. Truly impressive. What a stunning location. I would love to visit Gokarna someday. Thanks for sharing your experience about the beaches to visit in Gokarna with us.

  5. Wow,???? Half Moon Beach looks beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to get to know Gokarna beaches. Gokarna looks like my next destination.

  6. Shreemoyee Basu Reply

    Perfect! post lockdown destination ????. That is so helpful for people who are willing to visit Gokarna and they will be very thankful for sharing the great information about the beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  7. Wooooaa! Such a useful and beautiful article about the beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  8. Useful write-up! ???? Gokarna is a favourite among travellers who seek a peaceful vacation and it is an amazing beach destinations in India.

  9. I ♥️ beaches. Gokarna is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Karnataka, and famous for the best beaches. Why Goa? Why not Gokarna?

    • Gokarna is truly a most beautiful places to visit in Karnataka. if are someone who loves to watch sunset with a peaceful place then Gokarna is the best choice.

  10. Very well written ????❤️ . Thanks for sharing the great info about the beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  11. Krishna kumar Reply

    I had been to paradise beach. One of the best beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  12. Krishnegowda Reply

    I have visited Gokarna in 2019. But I didn’t know that the place has 4 more beaches in Gokarna apart from the Gokarna beach. Thanks for sharing the information about the beautiful beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  13. Krishnegowda Reply

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful information about the Best Beaches to Visit in Gokarna. is that possible to cover all the beaches in 2 days? I would love to visit Halfmoon Beach and Om beach.

    • yes you can cover all the 5 beaches in 2 days but if you want to explore more and relax your mind then try staying for few more days and explore every inch of Gokarna beaches.

  14. I’m a beach person, but I have never visited Gokarna beaches. After reading this beautiful blog, became a big fan of Gokarna beaches. Thanks for sharing the great information about the best beaches to visit in Gokarna.

  15. Devananda h s Reply

    Good. I would like to visit one of the beaches in Gokarna after this pandemic. Any hotels to stay near beach? Any recommendations?

    • Try visiting all the beaches while you are in there. there are so many hotels to stay but one of my favorite is Zostel Gokarna. It is budget friendly and has a kudle beach view.

  16. Very informative. I am not familiar with this destination and it was interesting to read more about Gokarna Beaches. Would like to visit once. Can I rent any 2 wheeler to cover all these places after reaching Gokarna?

  17. Looking forward to going there ❤️❤️. very useful information about the beaches in Gokarna. Apart from these beaches, Any other places to visit in and around Gokarna?

  18. Great info, That is really cool alternative! Loved the way you described about the beaches in Gokarna. I would like to visit someday.

  19. WoW!! It looks like heaven. Such wonderful information about the beaches to visit in Gokarna. I had no plans to visit Gokarna. Now, After reading this article added this place to my bucket list. 🙂

  20. Wonder-full blog, well written. Gokarna is one of my favourite places to visit in Karnataka. I had been twice to the temple but didn’t get a chance to spend time and visit all the beaches. I didn’t had much idea about all these beaches in Gokarna. Thanks for sharing such great information. In how many days I can cover all these beaches? and max budget? Any suggestions ?

    • thank you!!
      you can cover all the beaches in 2 days but if you want to stay there and have a peaceful vacation then try staying there for 3 or more days by covering 2 beaches in a day or even 1 beach in a day.

  21. Aswanth Asok Reply

    Nice Information.Last year I had been to Gokarna and covered almost all the beaches.These are the best beaches to visit in Gokarna. Om beach is my favourite sport. Would like to visit again after this pandemic.

  22. I had plans to visit Gokarna but unfortunately Covid happend, this is impressive. Would love to visit these places the next time I go. ^^

      • Awesome blog! I loved reading every inch of it…I’ve been there 3 times and after reading this I can saying it’s the 4th time to this heaven on earth. Well done Sindhu!

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