Women Social Activist: 6 Best Indian Social Activist You Should Know About

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Feminism isn’t about making WOMEN strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D.Anderson 

An empowered woman is powerful, beyond measure and beautiful, beyond description.  

Well, you must know about women Social Activist who have played a significant role in changing many social evils and have been shining a beacon of hope. 

Many social activists like Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar, Arundathi Roy and other social activists. 

Women are those who just don’t run the household or behind the scenes. They are intelligent and are not afraid to run the world. 

Of course, many women can run a country, to be specific, like Indira Gandhi, sitting Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir of Iceland and many more people who have been into the PM post. 

Not just countries, but even running big organizations like Pepsi Co led by Indra Nooyi, Kirthiga Reddy, who is former managing director of Facebook, Chanda Kochaar who is managing director of ICICI bank and many others.  

They have proved in sports as well by bringing medals and honors to our country. We can talk about PV Sindhu, a Professional badminton player, Mary Kom, a professional Boxer, PT Usha, a retired Indian athlete, and many other people. 

Women have stood up everywhere for their rights and freedom. Being a housewife and taking care of the entire family is a success; they have done everything, which is something men can’t achieve or bend in such situations.

Social activism is international to bring out social change. If you feel strongly about a cause and are working towards a change, you can be considered an Activist. An Activist is anyone fighting for a change in society. 

Here you are going to know about a few women Social Activist you didn’t Know about. Women were trying to bring a change in society. Women, whether in power or not trying to change the world, standing up for a cause.  

D.R Poma Tudu – I.A.S


A 2012 batch I.A.S officer from Odisha, Dr. Poma Tudu is an inspiration for many. She has helped villagers in Odisha by visiting the Naxal affected hostile zones to hear and counsel their grievances. 

She is currently working towards providing fast track connectivity and medical services to the villagers. 

She understands the problems of the villagers and treks for 2 hours to reach and assist the villagers as the District and State Government headquarters is over 90km from the village. 

She feels it difficult for tribal to address the issue. She strongly believes in human welfare making a difference in society. 

Alice Sharma – Writer 

Alice Sharma women social activist

From a college dropout to a Powerful Women and helping people during the Covid-19 pandemic, she’s done it all. 

Practicing law was a legacy of honoring her family. Due to health conditions had to drop out of college, where she was bedridden for months. To come out of the atmosphere, she started writing blogs on her website, but that made her feel good. 

She even runs an NGO- “Vastra Aur Zindagiyan” by donating food, clothes, sanitary and education. Moreover, she helped people by donating food, facemasks, clothes during the pandemic, which was not easy for people to handle as the economy was terrible; there were no jobs and more things. 

She even runs workshops to colleges, a Motivational speaker, an Author and a Successful Women. Youngest writer in India to write and publish 4 books in a single day. 

Sujata Pandey – Women Social Activist

women social activist

A graduate in Physics and computer science, an MBA, Philanthropist, and holds a Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development. 

Despite having good degrees and Education, working in corporate companies and having a rich and prosperous career, she thought there was a need for change in society and the prejudice against women remains the same.

So she started a video log or Vlog expressing her views on multiple issues as listed above. She started her online channel “बात बदलाव की” where she invites people who have broken the barriers and done something good to the community. 

Sujata Pandey is a women Social Activist who raised voices for social issues like Cybercrime, rape cases, fake feminist activism, Religious mockery on Hindus and named a few.

Kawalpreet Kaur 

Best social media activist

Kawalpreet Kaur is a woman human rights defender and the President of all India Students Association for Delhi. She has been a vocal critic of the Citizenship Amendment Act and been in the sectarian and divisive Act.

A graduate in psychology and law from Delhi University. Being a part of student activism herself, she felt that students must be aware of the world. 

She thinks that the young generation must be involved and know what and how politics works. When it comes to social activism, they face a diverse range of attacks, threats, harassment, physical abuse and judicial harassment. 

Krithi Bharti  – Women Social Activist

Krithi Bharti is an Indian Rehabilitation psychologist and children rights activist and has stood up against several deaths threats to save victims of child marriage.

She annulled 29 marriages and 900 involving both boys and girls. Throughout the years of activism, she has faced several rape and death threats.

She runs an N.G.O. called “Sarthi Trust” and has rehabilitated around 6000 children and 5500 women. Her owned disturbed childhood has transformed her into a fearless crusader.   

Ridhima Pandey – Young Women Social Activist

Women Social Activist

13Yrs old climate Activist, TEDx speaker, Mentioned in B.B.C. ‘s 100 most empowering and influencing women s list in 2020.

Born in 2009, Ridhima Pandey is India’s one of the youngest environmental Activists who saw a devastating effect of climate change in India in the form of the Kedarnath floods.

The only young activist from India who accompanied Greta Thunberg in the protest was the lax attitude of governments towards climate change at the UN climate Action Summit.

Apart from the protests and fighting for the causes, are women safe? 

Is it safe for activists to protest in this country? Is it safe for women to survive in this country? Women all over the country are protesting over every cause, which they feel is right. Is it okay to protest? Are they safe? 

Please let us know in the comment section. 

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  1. Great blog!! Happy to see many young social activists who are raising voice for various issues to deal with this more one-sided biased society. They are being an inspiration for more people to take part in the campaign against many societal problems.

  2. Only few articles will talk about social problems and people who are raising voice against them. I hope this article does its way of justification by listing women social activists which is more required in recent days. Have seen many videos regarding Sujata Pandey, she’s doing a great job.

  3. Ridhima Pandey Reply

    Inspiring stories great individuals, It’s 2021, and we are surviving in a society, where their parents are still afraid to send their daughter alone, these people made a mark amongst themselves, motivating personalities, by knowing these new great stories about Indian social activist from this article, its awesome, good job!

  4. yeah, it is really not safe especially for the female who stands alone against the situation, but when they do, they became great individuals motivates peoples. There are soo many women fighting their own situation in daily life…for those all, respect from my side. This article about The best Indian Social activist is really more impressive.

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