Simple Mehandi Designs – 25 Best Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners In 2022

Who doesn’t love Mehndi! Let it be simple or complex designs. Ladies just love mehndi on all occasions. Here you will get to know about the simple and easy and simple mehndi designs.

Be it weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej, Navratri, Durga Pooja or Eid. Mehendi is a highly cherished way to drench into the celebratory feels for most girls and kids.

While some women desire its aromatic fragrance, others absolutely love their hands adorned with pretty and intricate mehndi designs.

However, weddings are incomplete without the mehndi ceremony.

What is the history of Mehandi?

In brief, Mehndi or mehendi or henna is an ancient form of body art and temporary skin decoration, originating in India and across South Asia and the Middle East.

Mehndi is originated from the Sanskrit word “Mendhika“, also known as henna across the globe, is a paste often associated with good fortune and positivity. 

It has the power of medicine as well. Most of the time, women apply mehndi on their hands and legs.

Types of Mehndi Designs

There are 8 types of mehndi designs from different culture and origin like Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Indo-Arabic, Moroccan, Western/Contemporary, Indo-Western, African mehndi design and not limited.

List of Simple Mehandi Designs for Beginners

Applying mehendi is an art that requires keen intricacy, patience and an extreme level of neatness and creativity.

A mehndi artist can achieve all these aspects only with persistent practice.

In this list, we will share a few of the best yet simple and easy designs for you as a beginner to learn the art of mehndi for any occasion.

Mehandi Designs for Weddings

Mehendi is an essential part of weddings. Mehndi ceremony is termed promising for Indian brides, held the night before the wedding to wish the bride good health and prosperity.

The bride embarks on a new journey of lifelong wedlock. Right from the bride to all the girls, married women and kids – all of them get their hands loaded with Mehendi for the wedding celebrations.

It is also important for brides to get their feet full with mehendi. So, here are some of the most simple mehndi designs for a wedding you must see.

Simple Mehndi Design for Wedding


This flow design is the most commonly used design in weddings. It is a very elegant yet simple design. It is best suited for simple weddings and ceremonies

The design has flowers and leaves in it  and also has lines in it . This design will take around 45min for professionals and 1 hour for beginners to complete. This is the best Front hand Mehndi Design for Brides.

Flower Mehndi Design

As the previous design this also has flowers petals in it but this one is little more rich when it comes to took. The hold hand will be filled with henna and the top of the finger will be covered with henna with a little heart. 

The design will take about 1 hour to complete by professionals and 1.5 hours by the beginners.


Bell Mehndi Design for Wedding

This is a unique design where the hands are covered with flowers and leaves but at the center there will be a bell with a circle around it.

The tip of the finger is covered and has leaves designed in it. One of the best ,eland designs for wedding. You can make little changes in terms of design and try it on your own try and let me know in the comment session about the outcome.

The design will take about 1 hour to complete by professionals and 1.5 hours by the beginners.


Royal Mehndi Design for Wedding

This royal mehandi design is rich to look at and it covers almost full hand. The design shows all the rituals of weddings. At the center there is a groom and bride and also there are elephants in it. The tip is not fully covered . It also gives a traditional look. 

The design will take about 1.5 hour to complete by professionals and 2 hours by the beginners.


Simple Mehndi Design for Wedding

This is a very simple design and also best suited for simple weddings. It does not include much design but there are flowers as usual. The tip is covered with henna. 

The design will take about 30 mins to complete by professionals and 1 hours by the beginners.


Basic Mehndi design for Wedding

This is a very simple and common design. It has a lot of leaves and flowers designed in it with circles and triangles. There are gaps here and there but the hand won’t be covered fully. 

The design will take about 45 mins to complete by professionals and 1.5 hours by the beginners.


Simple Bridal Mehndi Design

This is a Simple Bridal Mehndi Design. This is a traditional way of filling hands with an easy and simple design. It takes very little time to be drawn.


Mirror Bridal Mehndi Design

It’s a Mirror Mehndi Design. When a Mehendi design is drawn on one palm is a mirror image is drawn on another palm. It truly lets you work as per your creativity. The bride looks more beautiful with this mehndi design on her hands.


Lotus Bridal Mehndi Design 

Lotus Mehndi Design is the design that is currently in trend. One hand is filled with lotus, another hand is with swans, and leafy vines fill in the empty spaces. This Lotus Mehndi design will add beauty to your hands for sure.  


Bridal mehndi design on hands and legs


This beautiful mehndi design includes a variety of motifs and designs from Rose and teardrop leaves to curved lines. Start with a small dot and circle, and fill the places with lines and floral design.

You see the beautiful design that includes musical instruments on the legs, which gives a traditional touch to the design, and peacock and paisley in the middle.

Bridal Mehndi Design on Hands – Front and Back

A design that includes bride and groom on top and on palm which left us mesmerized. A lotus design gives a stunning look. Some words are written at the wrist, which is creating more attention towards the design.

The backside hand design also gives the complete traditional look. Some lines and some dots, along with a leafy vine and lotus design, can come together to form a beautiful bridal mehndi design.

bridal-mehndi-design-on-hands - front-and-back

Front Hand Simple Mehandi Design

The list below provides you with the best and easy mehendi design for the Front Hand images collection to specialise any occasion.

Simple Design

It is a very simple design and best suited for bridesmaids and for small functions. The design has a circle of shared flowers at the center and the fingers are half covered with lines and dots.

The tip of the finger is fully covered with henna. This is one of the easy and Simple Mehandi Design for frond hand.

The design will take about 25 to 30mins to draw on hand.


Rose Design

This type of design is very unique and now in fashion because both hands have different types of design. 

On one hand there are normal flowers with leaves designed in half circles and the design only covers one hand. The second hand has a rose design in it and only covers the little finger with lines and leaves. 

The design takes 4 to 5 mins to draw on the hand.


Flower Design  

The most common design is this one. You can apply this design on any occasion because it suits everything. 

Each finger has a different design in it and little skin is shown in between. There are different types of flower designs in it so it will look amazing on your hand. 

The design will take 10 to 15mins to draw on your hand.


4. Simple Arabic Design

This is an Arabic style mehndi design as you can usually see it on everyone’s hand. The usual flower designs are in it and also each finger has a different design. 

The design will take 10 mins to draw on hand 

4 3

Unique Design

As you can see you the design is very unique and amazing. The design is in different shapes and each share has a different design inside. 

The finger tip is fully covered henna and this design will take 20 mins to draw on hand.

5 5

Half Circle Design 

The whole design is done by half circles and flowers left in it. The whole hand is not covered; there are gaps in between and also the tip is has no design so if you want you can cover you can fully with henna like the previous image 

The design will take 4 to 5 mins to draw on your hand. 

5 4

Back Hand Simple Mehandi Design

Square Design 

It fully covered with squares and circles in it. It also has leaves in it and does not cover the whole hand.  The design will take 5 to 6 mins to draw on you hand 

1 4 1

Simple Arabic Design

As you can see, the whole design has flowers and each finger has a different design in it.  The design is in Arabic style and does not cover the whole hand.

The design will take 10 to 15mins to draw on your hand. 

2 3 1

The design has only flowers and only one finger. It is very simple.  The design will take 2 to 3 times to draw on your hand.


This design is best suited for small functions and celebrations. The design has flowers and leaves in it. 

These are a few simple Mehandi designs for backhand. Hope you liked the designs.

The design will take 15 to 20 mins to draw it .


The design is very simple and only covers the little finger with flowers.  The design will take 2 to 3 mins to draw on your hand. 


The design is simple and beautiful and only covers a single finger.  The highlighting thing is dots with the henna.  The design will take 2 to 3 mins to draw it. 


Simple Mehandi Design For Feet

Temple Bell Mehndi Design For Feet

 The design is filled with bells and flowers in a square. The design does not cover the whole leg but only half of it. 

This type of design is best suited for small ceremonies and functions. This design is very simple and will sure look good on you. 

The design will take 20 mins to become professional and 45 mins for beginners to draw on the feet. 


Peacock Design

This design is a very famous design among brides ,not recently but from decades. The Peacock symphonies peace among everyone. 

The design will have 2 peacocks in each leg and little boxes and flowers with it. And also there are circulars which are covered with lines and dots. 

The design will take 30 mins for professionals and 1 hour for beginners.


Elephant Design

The design is best suited for everyone because it is very simple and elegant. The design has two big elephants at the end and lotus in between. 

At front there are boxes filled with dots and also leaves. The design takes about 30 mins to draw on the feet

Bridal Mehendi Design For Foot 

Peacocks are common among brides here is a unique design which you can try out. 

The whole design is filled with peacock and it’s feathers and also at the top there are drums. With little flowers adding to it the design looks even more beautiful and rich. 

One of the best and Simple Mehandi Design for foot. The design will take around 45mins to draw on the foot.


It is a very simple yet unique one. The bells in the design will make the henna look beautiful. As with every other design there are flowers, dots, boxes and also rose in it. 

The design will take around 45mins to draw.

Lotus Design

The main element of this design is lotus. The flowers are more attractive than anything else. 

The design has so many lotus in it and at the beginning there are boxes filled with little flower-like design.  At the centre there is a bell which is designed so well that it looks beautiful. 

The design will take about 1 hour to draw on foot.


Mehendi Designs for Kids

When your kids see you with a mehndi design on your hands, it is normal that they would want one too. Don’t say no and disappoint the little ones and draw a simple flower and stars with their favorite animal or cartoon character. Take inspiration from our list.

Here are a few beautiful mehndi designs for kids.

Cute and Simple Mehandi Design for kids

One of the best designs for kids is something special and simple because kids don’t like to keep the henna on for too long. 

The design has few flowers and petals and also it does not cover the whole hand. This is a back hand design but still it can be put in the front hand too. 

The design can easily be done within 5 mins and looks beautiful on kids hand


Flower Design

One of the best and simple designs is this one. All kids will like it and it does not require not much of a time.  

As it is one of the most common designs for everyone. It does not cover full fingers but just half of the finger. 

The design takes 5 mins to draw and it can be done on adult hands too. 


Butterfly Design

This is a simple yet beautiful design for kids. All kids like butterflies so why not draw as a Mehndi. This is a butterfly covered with lines, dots and flowers in it. Simple Mehndi Design

This design will take 2 to 3 mins to draw on hand and trust me kids will love it. 


Half Hand Design

This is a very simple design and also it does not cover the whole hand. It only covers paws and it looks very simple. 

The design has many flowers and big leaves in it. It will look very cute on kids’ hands. It will take only 2 to 3 mins to draw on hands. 


Easy Design

It is a very cute and simple design. It does not cover all the fingers but only 1 finger. The design has lines and has a big flower in between. 

The design takes 2 to 3 mins to draw on both the hands and all kids will love it. 


Circle Design

It is one of the simple designs ever. There is a circle design at the center and little line design at the tip of the finger and has a lot of dots design in it. 

The design takes 2 to 3 mins to draw on kids’ hands and they will love it. It is best suited for weddings and small ceremonies. 


Simple Flower with Stars

simple flower with stars for kids
simple flower with stars for kids 1
simple flower with stars for kids 2

Other Simple Mehandi Designs

1. Floral Mehndi Design – Simple Mehandi Design

This Floral Mehndi Design is easy to draw and looks beautiful. Start with a small circle and draw a flower around it. 

Drop some beautiful dot and connecting them using a small line, and the beautiful mehndi design is on your hand. 

2. Mandala Mehandi Design 

It is a beautiful Mandala Design with a lace design on the fingers. This is a traditional design that people use to draw for years. 

Basic motifs that have been traditionally used for making a simple mehndi design. 

3. Flower Mehandi Design

Draw up a Flower Design and add leaves and vines as details. And here is a beautiful design. Its ease of application, however, does not compromise on its beauty.

4. Rose Mehndi Design

Here is an attractive Rose Mehndi Design. It is a bit difficult front hand mehndi design, but beginners can still try this beautiful design on your hand and let us know its outcome. 

5. Simple Mehandi Design For Hand

This Simple Mehandi Design is filled with Floral motifs. It looks like an Arabic mehndi design, but you can fill your hand with this beautiful one. 

Start drawing small boxes and fill a few of them, use semi-circles to give floral touch.



Arabic Mehandi Designs

1.Arabic Mehndi Design

A beautiful, simple, and easy Arabic mehndi design, even a beginner can draw it quickly. Try for small functions and parties. Start with a dot, add some semi-circles and leaf motifs.

2. Classic Arabic Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design includes dots as well as floral motifs. Very much suitable for parties and festivals.

3. Floral Arabic Mehndi Design

The stunning design includes the net design with a floral finishing, which gives a hot look on hands. One of the trending mehndi designs in 2021.

4. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

This mehndi design comprises a series of paisleys and flowers. Start with a dot or a circle and take the design in a flow. Fill in the spaces with designs of your choice.

5. Floral Arabic Mehndi Design 

A big flower on the hand is the center of attraction for this design, and fingers are also filled with the net design, which adds to the beauty of the entire design.

6. Full hand Arabic Mehndi Design

This is one of the beautiful mehndi designs in 2021. A simple Arabic mehndi design starts with a dot and semi-circle. This stunning design includes Paisleys with a floral touch. The same design is repeated here to fill the space.



Hope our list of mehndi designs is useful. These designs are so simple and easy that you can make them on your own.  Why not share your opinion on which design you would like for recommend the most. Due share your thoughts via our comment section.

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  1. Wow! These mehndi designs look so attractive, I loved the half-circle design and thinking to try to apply it to my elder’s hand and note that at what time I complete the design, Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  2. This is honestly, the best mehndi designs for beginners, all the designs are simple and easy but look so attractive. But few Bridal mehndi designs listed over would be difficult to draw for beginners, Apart from that these articles collectively presented the best and attractive mehndi designs, well done!

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