5 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

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Yoga is one of the best medicines for every problem like anger, stress, improves strength, flexibility, balance, helps to sleep correctly, and many more. Know about the top 5 yoga poses for weight loss.

The breathing exercises help in proper blood flow, metabolism, and rejuvenate functioning.

Yoga not only helps with all these problems but also helps for weight loss and staying in shape.

Yes, yoga does not burn many calories, but the suitable yoga poses for weight loss and speed will make you burn your calories like no other workouts.

You don’t have to diet and starve to lose weight. You can try out these top 5 yoga poses for weight loss.

So, let’s get started.

Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

trikonasana for weight loss

This pose helps to improve digestion and reduces the fat deposit from the belly. 

This helps the legs and arms muscles and helps in building more muscles. Stay in this pose for 12-20 sec and do on the other side. 

Repeat this yoga pose three times on each side.

How to do it: –

  • Stand straight with your legs apart 
  • Inhale and take your right hand above your head 
  • Exhale and bend your torso to your left-hand side. 
  • Then slide your left arm down along your left leg till your fingers are at your ankle.

Boat Pose 

This yoga pose helps ton up the cores and enhances muscle strength, which allows burn down more calories. 

Hold this yoga pose for 5-10 secs and repeat it five times. 

How to do it: – 

  • At first, sit straight on a flat surface
  • Then bend your knees 
  • Then life up both the legs and hand together as shown in the picture below

Sun salutation

It is also known as Surya namaskar, which helps to reduce belly fat. This single yoga pose has various other poses too. 

It has 12 breathing poses that help ton all over the body, so repeat this pose 12 times on each side. 

How to do it: – 

  • At first, stand straight and inhale and life up both the hands
  • Now bent forward and exhaled out and take a plank pose
  • Next, drop the knees down, and place your lower body to the floor and extend your leg keeping your hands under the shoulder 
  • Now inhale and take cobra pose and switch to downward dog facing pose by exhaling
  • Hold for 4 to 5 breathes and while exhaling, jump up on your feet on the floor and bend 
  • Now inhale and lift your hands overhead
  • And exhale and relax.

Seated forward bend pose (Paschimottanasana)

This yoga pose for weight loss helps to stretch your entire back from head to toe. 

It is also considered a caming pose, which helps in controlling stress and improving your mood. 

How to do it:- 

  • At first, stretch your leg straight and sit on a flat surface
  • Then lift both the hands over your head by inhaling
  • Next, slowly bend down your hand and upper body and touch your feet.
  • Exhale

The cobra poses (Bhujangasana)

This yoga pose helps in reducing the fat of the upper body and abdominal muscles. This is not suggested for pregnant women. 

It also increases flexibility, Strengthens the arms and shoulders, and Firms and tones the buttocks.

How to do it:- 

  • Lie facing down of a flat surface or mat with feet flat on the floor and palms down to either side 
  • Now push the floor with both the hands 
  • Stay in the position for 15-20secs 
  • Repeat it for three times
So, these were the top 5 yoga poses for weight loss. To lose weight, do this yoga regularly and never stop. 

Drink a lot of water after completing yoga to keep you hydrated. 

Going to the gym and lifting heavy weights for weight loss, yoga is the best way to lose weight. If you like this blog about yoga poses for weight loss, please comment and share.

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