Best Diet For PCOS Weight Loss

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Before I speak about diet for PCOS I would like to clear the difference between PCOD and PCOS so that readers may get complete clarity regarding their diet plan.

People usually get confused regarding Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Each of these diseases can be related to ovaries. PCOS may be a system disorder, whereas PCOD is a condition developed by the secretion imbalance.

The diet plan for both PCOD and PCOS is the same. The ladies/women suffering from PCOD/PCOS can follow the same diet as a diabetic patient follows because women suffering from this syndrome will be insulin resistant that increases their sugar level, and leads to type 2 diabetics.

Hence women suffering from PCOS/PCOD must follow the diabetic diet plan, rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

Here is few best diet for PCOS to be followed, to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Foods to be avoided 

  • Avoid Dairy products that are high in carbohydrates.
  • Avoid consuming sugar, sugary snacks, and drinks.
  • Highly inflammatory foods, such as meat, and processed food such as pizza, burgers.

Foods to be consumed

  • Go Gluten Free.
  • High fiber protein food.
  • Vegetables.

Foods that facilitate cut back inflammation may additionally be helpful. They include:

diet for pcos
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • almonds and walnuts
  • olive oil
  • fruits, like blueberries and strawberries
  • fatty fish high in polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids, like salmon and sardines.

High-fiber foods will facilitate combat hormone resistance by speed down digestion and reduce the impact of sugar on the blood. This could be helpful to ladies with PCOS. Excellent choices for high-fiber foods include vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

Whereas carbs distract your cells and ovaries also start to build more eggs within your body, leading to the advanced stage of PCOS. It is better to avoid junk food and food containing an excess of carbohydrates so that the body helps keep up the cells healthy and prevents unnecessary fats and other unhealthy cells from entering the body.

Exact PCOS diet plan for weight loss should be followed:

  • Make sure that you consume more water, at least 3 to 4 liters per day.
  • Let your morning breakfast be rich in protein like a healthy sandwich, broccoli, green leaves, or millets, and include a healthy fresh juice with no added sugar.
  • In the afternoon, the diet for PCOS should have sprouts added with less salt and pepper; white rice should be avoided entirely, and opt for wheat pasta or sugarless atta phulka with less oil used and prepared sabzi. 
  • And the dinner should be light compared to the morning breakfast and lunch, make sure you complete your feed 2 hrs before you go to bed and till the following day shouldn’t consume any solid food and drink water.
  • This diet can be followed six days a week; those trying this for the first time and the 7th day add little carb-like paneer so that your body doesn’t get utterly imbalanced at once helps to get used to the six days diet plan. 

The PCOS diet plan helps you get better and includes daily exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle; yoga and daily workouts help keep your body fit and reduce most of the PCOS problems for maximum ladies.


I hope this information helps to get rid of your PCOS/PCOD problems; make sure that all the above-mentioned steps are followed strictly also include yoga and exercises in your daily life, which add to maintaining good health and keeping your body fit. Follow a healthy diet plan and be healthy.

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  1. Losing weight not only cuts your risk for many diseases , it can also make you feel better. When you have PCOS, this article gives the exact plan for pcos weight loss, thank you so much for this informative share.

  2. Devi Sarathy Reply

    Great article. It helped me understand more about PCOS and how it impacts the health so faster and severe. Also good thing you have spoken about how that can be tackled using food diet, that’s going to be the game-changer.
    Thank you !!

  3. The plan is good,
    Basically, I eat non-veg more.
    1. What would be the appropriate timing to have fish? Whether lunch/dinner time is okay?
    2. And it is necessary to stop consuming meat completely?

    • Thanks for your query,
      Keeping your health in mind, It’s better to stop having non-veg and start exercising and follow the diet plan, to improve your health and come out of PCOS problem,

  4. Should this Diet be followed along with the doctor’s prescribed medications? Should I follow this Diet every day, or one-day relaxation can be taken?

    • Yes, Definitely you’ll get a quick result if you follow the doctor’s prescribed medications with these diet plan,
      And you can definitely come out of PCOS,
      following a diet for foodies may become difficult in the initial days, But after that, you may not feel so tough, In the initial days, you can follow 6 days diet and 1-day relaxation, for your convenience.

  5. Yashaswi Satyanarayana Reply

    Hi, I am sixteen years old and have started gaining weight all of a sudden around my abdomen and have sleepless nights because of the physical pain. I also am facing difficulty in concentrating. Is this a sign to worry about? if yes what should I do about it? because google is showing me the same symptoms and I am worried already. Please provide me a solution.

  6. Great information.
    I am come Across many blogs and I have no interest in reading those they were too Lengthy or Irrelevant informative. But this blog is very useful. It is up to the point and readable
    Thank you for sharing

  7. I was personally suffering from PCOS. From my experience I can tell that this blog is really helpful for weight loss.
    Thank for helping so many people who are suffering from PCOS

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