Best Whisky Brands In India 2021

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Do you know how many whisky brands in India we have? India is one of the most liquor-consuming countries in the world. On average, India will be collected 12,500cr in a day. Isn’t it huge? Whisky is one of the most famous drinks in India.

 Survey says that the 25 best and tasty whiskey brands will rule the alcohol family. In this way, 13 Indian whisky labels have been listed as the global highest best-selling whiskies.

How Whisky Prepared? 

It is also called Whisky or Whiskey. Whiskey is prepared by fermenting the grain mash and various grains, like corn, wheat, and barley. It is typically aged in wooden casks, traditionally manufactured of burnt white oak. 

 According to law, Whiskey has to be distilled and matured in oak casks for at least three years. The number on the bottle denotes the minimum age of the drink. Scotch can only be purified to 94.8% ABV, which is higher than bourbon. But, like bourbon, it has to be bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV.

Some benefits of drinking Whisky:
  • Whiskey will free up your stress and relieve your tensions.
  • It helps for Weight loss if consumed in the right manner 
  • It solves constipation problems and Helps in free digestion
  • It helps to prevent diabetes
  • It helps to escape heart stroke

If you are hunting for the best Whisky brands in India, you are in the right place to see them. There are a lot of brands outside. But only a few brands are the best to taste. 

Here are the top best-selling and lovable whiskey brands in India. Selecting the right brand is an art. Let’s get into the list.

1. Royal Stag:

Royal stag, also recognized as Seagram’s royal stag and an Indian liquor brand of Whiskey announced in 1995. It is available in many countries across the world in various pack sizes. 

  It is generally available in bottles of 1 Liter, 750 ml, 375 ml, and 180 ml and is also accessible in the pack of 90 ml and 60 ml. It was the first whisky company that did not use any synthetic flavour launched in India. Royal Stag is one of the best whisky brands in India.

Features of Royal Stag:
  • There are different flavours in the royal stag- aroma: leaf (like cut grass), wood fruity with ouch of smoke(like burnt wood). 
  • And also it is released in Golden colour.
  • Under 1000 INR, it is one of the most highly rated whisky products available in the Indian market without artificial flavours.
  • It is available in 2 types. Royal stag & Royal stag barrel select

Country of origin- India

Price Range – Starts @ Rs. 885

Royal Stag abv percentage – 42.8 %

Launched Year – 1995

Manufacturer – Pernod Ricard

2. Officer’s Choice:

It is commonly known as OC, one of the best selling whiskeys brands in India. It is developed by Allied Blenders & Distillers(ABD). It is an Indian company that sold 28.4million cases in the year 2014, larger than any other liquor brand in the world. Officer’s Choice is a premium and scotch-like smoothie.

  Manufacturer Allied Blender and Distiller(ABD), Kishore Chhabria was the managing director(MD), one of the world’s leading spirit companies.

Features of Officer’s Choice:
  • The product started in the year 1988; It is exported across 18 countries.
  • It is the most demanding brand crafted by grains.
  • It is available at the cheapest rate in India.
  • The blue variety is prepared by bringing together a fine blend of Scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits.
  • The black variety is a blend prepared using Indian grain spirits and rare Scotch malts that have been aged in charred oak barrels.

Country of origin- India

Introduced – 1988

Colour – Brown

 Price Range – INR 90/- to 370/- 

Varients – Officers Choice Blue, Officers Choice rum(new), Officer’s Choice Black 

Alcohol by volume percentage – 42.8%ABV

Manufacturer –  Allied Blenders & Distillers

3. Mc Dowell’s No.1

It is also one of the premium whisky in India. This brand was introduced in the year 1963-1964. The manufacturer of this brand is United Spirits Limited(ULD). It begins with the launch of Mc Dowell’s No.1 brandy. This brand comprises Three brands- Whisky, brandy, and Rum.

The brand’s slogan is Mera No.1, i.e. My No.1.This brand was released not only in Whiskey there are others products also produced like water bottles and soda. This Whiskey was made with an original blend of Indian Malts, Grain spirits and imported Scotch. It is India’s favourite Whisky imported to 20 countries.

 McDowell’s name came from Scottish distiller Angus McDowell, who established McDowell and Company in India in 1898. One of the India’s favourite whisky brands in India.

Features of Mc Dowell’s No.1:
  • It is suitable for beginners because it has a lesser level of alcohol.
  • Along with Whiskey, they produce Brandy and Rum.
  • It is one of the best selling whisky brands in India and imported to 20 other countries.
  • It is available in under Rs-1000/-

Country: India

Introduced: 1963 – 1964

Manufacturer: United Spirits Limited

Price Range: Around 400

Percentage of alcohol by volume: 42.8%ABV

Whisky colour – Brown

Available Variants – McDowell’s Whiskey , McDowell’s RumRum, McDowell’s Brandy

4. Blenders Pride

It is an Indian brand. It was introduced in the year 1995; the manufacturer and Distributor of this brand were Pernod Ricard which is one of the premium brands in India. The Blenders pride brand is made with a blend of Indian grain spirit and imported Scotch malt and contains no artificial flavouring.

    It is available in different sizes (2 L,1 L, 750 mL, 375 mL, 180 mL).

 Available in different variants, there are Blenders pride and Blenders pride reserve.

Features of Blenders Pride:
  • It is made with a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malt and contains no artificial flavouring.
  • It was released in 1995 by Seagram, and it is a blend of Chivas Brother’s scotch malts and picked luxury Indian grain spirits.
  • This premium whiskey is served with ice cubes with water.
  • Along with Blenders pride, they produce Imperial blue, Roal Stag, Chivas Regal,100 pipers.

The country of origin: India

Manufacturer:  Pernod Ricard

Introduced: 1995

Alcohol by volume(ABV) : 42.8%

Colour: Brown

Flavour: Smooth and smoky

Varients: Indian grain spirit, Scotch malt

Related Products: Imperial blue, Roal Stag, Chivas Regal, 100 pipers.

5. Director’s Special Whisky

This company, mostly known as DSP, Director’s Special, was introduced in 1988 by Shaw Wallace. It is a brand of Indian Whiskey; the manufacturer was United Spirits Ltd(USL), a company of the Diageo Corporation.

 It is one of the best whiskys in India, and it is exported to other countries also. This company had a legal fight in US(United States) courts to promote its brand as “whisky” against the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

Features of Director’s Special Whisky
  • It is created by combining malt whisky and neutral, molasses-based spirits.
  • Director’s Special Whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8% ABV.
  • It was launched in the year1988 by Shaw Wallace.
  • This Whiskey smells very attractive and smooth taste.
  • It is available under Rs.2000/-

Country of origin: India

Manufacturer: United Spirits Ltd(USL)

Introduced: 1988

Alcohol by volume(ABV) : 42.8%

Related products: Bagpiper , McDowell’s No.1, DSP Black, Royal Challenge, Signature, Antiquity.

Whisky lovers, hope this article is helpful to choose the best whisky brand in India. Do let me know which is your favourite one in the comment box.

A Small Quote:

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

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