8 Best Smart Gadgets For Home In 2021 You Must Buy

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Over the years, technology has really revolutionized our world and daily lives. It has
created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips.

All these smart gadgets that we carry and play around do a lot for us whether it be
monitoring our heart rate, watch over our training and sleeping patterns or show us
our way to anywhere in the world safe with geographical map locations and sending
them to our loved ones’ phones at the same time.

With all of these revolutions, technology, and electronic smart gadgets have really
made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun.

Well, it’s already 2021, the AI’s and the chatbots are already here and these are
gonna make our lives superfluous shortly and that time is not far.

My expectations and the senses about the future smart world say that it is going to
be real frictionless.

Well, a time might come when we never have to carry IDs, bank cards, or door keys
and drive in automated cars, maybe? Ah! Speaking about that Teslas are already
here. How great!

Anyway, a lot has been spoken about the future, I’m here to help you with the smart
gadgets that would make your house modish. Here we go then,

Philips Led Bulb

Philips Led Bulb

Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that enables you to wirelessly control the lights
of your home.

This smart gadgets can welcome you home, wake you up, get you energised, help you feel safe, improve your mood by changing to whatever color you wish, and much much more.

Besides saving energy and money, this smart bulb also lasts longer.

Incandescent or halogen bulbs last around a year, while LED lights last 10 years on

From added security to cost-cutting Philips led bulb hue is your next go-to colourful
gadget to make and decorate your house colourfully according to your moods.

Also, Philips claimed that the lifespan of each smart bulb is up to 15,000 hours, and
despite the Wi-Fi connectivity, the bulb uses 80 percent less power than a traditional
incandescent bulb. Check it out.

Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue bridge is an standalone electronic device/smart gadget that’s like a boon
to the ones who like to set up their home smartly and with all the beautiful colors
spread all over.

Smart bridge works as a bridge to all the smart bulbs installed at your home. The
brains of the Philips hue smart lights comprehensively use a home automation
system using the hue stand bridge alone.

This smart gadget supports or lights up to 50 hue lights and up to 12 hue
accessories, enabling you to extend the system into every room possible. This is one of the best smart gadgets to have at your home.

UV lamp – A Germicidal Smart Gadgets

UV lamp – A Germicidal Smart Gadgets

A UV lamp is an germicidal electric light that produces ultraviolet C (UVC) light.

This short-wave ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base pairing, causing the formation of
pyrimidine dimers, and leads to the inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa
which makes your home or office buildings a much healthier place.

How does it work? Using the UV sterilizer light with a high transmission rate with 360
degrees wider beam angle it detects the presence of people or animals around it and
kills the harmful guests around who aren’t visible to our naked eyes.

And the add-on is the gadget completely removes odors and dust particles which
effectively improves your living environment.

UV light can have an efficient inactivation of bacterias up to a distance of 8ft on
either side and an exposure time of 30 mins.

And the lamp should be replaced once a year. The smart lamp produces visible light past 10k hrs and the UV output decreases over time.

CAUTION: UV-C light can penetrate human skin and can cause damage injuries if overused, so, please limit the usage and not use it for more than 30mins as

A germicidal UV lamp is an electric light that produces ultraviolet C (UVC) light.

This short-wave ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base pairing, causing the formation of pyrimidine dimers, and leads to the inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It
can also be used to produce ozone for water disinfection.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners often referred to as Roomba is an intelligently programmed smart gadgets and limited vacuum floor cleaning system.

It is manually operated via remote control with a self-drive mode which allows the machine to clean autonomously without human control.

These robotic vacuum cleaners are compact and will not take up too much additional
space in your home and provides you with more time to do the things you enjoy the most- unless your thing is vacuuming.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners use spinning brushes to reach tight corners. Some
high-end and expensive ones include cleaning features along with mopping features.Roombas would be a great addition to your home cleaning arsenal. Try it.

Here are few Points you need to consider before buy smart gadgets for home

  • Don’t do stairs and curtains.
  • If you have two and more floors house considers leaving a traditional vacuum for these purposes.
  • Vacuum-proof the house.
  • Things like socks and other small objects can get stuck in a robot vacuum the same as they would in a traditional vacuum.

CCTV Surveillance Kit

CCTV Surveillance Kit

CCTV Surveillance kit and by that I mean Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Wireless security cameras (WSC).

CCTV’s are wired and are mostly set outside of the houses to monitor the behavior or any activities of a person, group, or object for security purposes.

You can observe the activities from a distance by the means of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and computers etc.

CCTV’s make use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of screens. It employs point-to-point or points to multi-point linked with wires.

WSC’s are closed-circuit cameras that transmit video and audio signals to a wireless receiver through a radio band.

These cameras require at least one cable or wire to power and are battery-powered
which makes them truly wireless from top to bottom.

WSC’s are more cost-effective and are becoming more and more popular in the
market. One of the important smart gadgets for home.

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

An air purifier or air cleaner is a coolest smart gadgets device that removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve air quality.

These are commonly marketed as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics and also reducing or eliminating secondhand tobacco smoke.

Air purifiers are functioned to trap the airborne particles by size exclusion, then the
air is forced through a filter, and particles are physically captured by the filters
making the air clean and healthy.

They are manufactured in two units, a small stand-alone unit, and a large unit.

Basically, the smaller units are used for domestic purposes while the larger units are
used for medical and industrial uses and so on…

One of the best smart gadgets which helps improve the air quality at your home.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug

A smart plug is a compact designed power receptacle that plugs into a traditional
electrical outlet and integrates it into your smart home network, allowing you to
control whatever you plug into it from an app on your smartphone or with your voice
through a virtual assistant.
A smart plug transforms even dumb devices into a part of your smart home network,
giving you greater control and customizable options just by plugging the device in.
Table lamps, the clothes iron, and even the coffee maker get an IQ upgrade with
smart plugs.
For the most features and best reliability, stick with smart plugs that connect to Wi-Fi
either directly or using a bridge or dongle that plugs into your router.
Do not forget to try smart plugs they are cheap, budget-friendly, and does do a lot of
tasks with just a voice or at the point of your fingers if you don’t want to get up from
your bed to switch off the lights and fan switches hehe. This is one of the best smart gadgets for home.

Smart AC

smart gadgets

Smart AC are the A/C units that connect to the other smart appliances in your home
to better control your home’s comfort level.

Much like other smart home technology, a smart air conditioner can be programmed
to cool on your terms which you can turn on and off remotely.

The main purpose of the air-conditioning system is to create comfort conditions by
controlling the temperature, humidity, and flow of air inside the rooms.

How does it work? Well, A smart ac controller mimics the infrared signal from your
air conditioner’s remote while using your WiFi network to connect with an app on
your phone. Do you have this one of these smart gadgets at home?

The end result is that you can control your air conditioner from the convenience of a
mobile app.

The homeowners can switch it on or off using Google Home or Alexa. Several smart
plugs have their own app that users can use to control and manage their air conditioning with their home.

So as time changing, technology find a leap to evolve itself providing comfort to
people. I have shown the best smart gadgets that you should know about for your
home in 2021.

I truly believe that the technology is the future, and they will be bound to our long-
lived and complex tradition if we took each technology in a right way.

Also, many inventions will be coming future to make things easier, use it wisely.

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If you like this article, share it your circle and if I left any of the best smart gadgets
please don’t forgot to drop it in the comment section.

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    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Hi, Vivek thank you for the compliment and about the comparison matrix cant do it because the gadgets and the products mentioned above differ in their functionality and it’s all about the audience requirements. Thank you again check out my other blogs too, hope you like them.

  1. Very well written Thank you for listening these amazing gadgets for home.
    One of my friend have constructed house and for house warming I had no idea what to gift. Then I came across this blog. I am planning to gift from one of these. It will be a useful gift.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Thank you so much for the comment and compliment Ambika. Yes, these gadgets really are helpful and can be operated easily and they make great gifts too. Stay connected and check out my other articles too.

  2. Nagaraj h a Reply

    Great share. I was planning on getting air purifier. Can you recommend any good air purifier which is under 25000rs ?

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Nagaraj, yes! If you want a great air purifier I’d recommend you to go for Philips or Dyson. The price may vary from 25k-30k but hey they are worth it. But if you still want to buy something around 15k you should go for Mi or Wonderchef. Hope this helped. thank you for the time and patience.

  3. These listed Smart gadgets are really good in quality and also with their functionality, We use Philips Hue bulb in our home, Its really a very good brand and till now we did not get any complaints regarding that.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Hey, Shifali I am glad you liked the mentioned product. Yes, Philips is a great brand and they don’t compromise in quality. Hue bulbs are the best and my favs too. I just play with the colours and set them according to the mood. Thank you for responding.

  4. Shilpa Hegde Reply

    I’m thinking to gift a very good vacuum cleaner for my mother so that she doesn’t need to bend and broom the floor as she suffers from back pain, When I was looking for the best smart gadgets I came across this article, that described the robotic vacuum cleaner, Its functionality description is good, But can I know which is the best brand and also its cost, please?

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Hello Shilpa Hegde. Such a great comment. Your mother must be proud. Yep, cleaning the floor is a big task to do every day. And thinking of mothers, they deserve everything in the world for working tirelessly for the house and the family and gifting a vacuum cleaner is the best and least we could do for them. And about the product, you can buy iRobot Roomba i7+ or the Roborock S5 Max.. currently the best. Waiting for your response. Thank you.

  5. Aravind Pradeep Reply

    Highly informative!!
    I was planning on fixing the CCTV at my house. Any you suggest a place in Bangalore where they give a good cctv service ?

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Aravind thank you so much for the comment. I wish you had mentioned the area you live in. But still, you can google for a good CCTV service near you and get it repaired.

  6. Venkatesh raja Reply

    This article is supercool.
    One of the best home gadgets I have purchased so far is air purifier. For monsoon weather and as I have work from home it is much needed.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Venkatesh, I am glad you liked the article. You are right Air purifiers are magical gadgets. I had bought it for my granny as she had asthma, trust me this does relieved her breathing issue, killed the odour around improved her sleeping habit. No complaints at all. Thank you for the comment.

  7. My wife and I are on the verge of building a new mansion and I def. want to make it all smart. Smart Home gadgets just let you feel the real smart world and how far we have come in term of technology. Also, these smart gadgets not only define ease but luxury and comfort too just on the tip of our fingers. Hey, can anyone suggest me some good company to buy an air purifier? and where to buy it online or offline market? Thank you

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Building a house is everybody’s dream and of course, a once in a lifetime thing. I am extremely pleased that you’ve made the right choice of making your mansion all smart and yes the gadgets do ease the work. For the best air purifiers, you can go with Dyson and Philips and you’d surely get them in a Reliance Digital store near you. Thank you and congratulations in advance on your new mansion.

  8. Hello, I have a suggestion for one more device(if you don’t mind) its called the Smart Video Doorbell. These are a great choice if you want to protect your family, home and property from potential threats. One of the most useful features of a smart doorbell is the two-way communication by which you can answer your door without the hassle of opening it and these smart doorbells also features HD night vision, motion sensor notification, and mobile app support too. Whoever is looking for it kindly have a check.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Hello Venkat. I had a feeling that there was something missing in the blog and the info provided here. Yes, the smart video doorbells are of great use and they hassle-free too. I will surely mention it in my next article. Thank you for your great suggestion.

  9. Hi, a very nicely written article about smart home gadgets. I recently found out that these Smart home products are really cost-effective and do not cost much if you get the right product from the right place. Since I was lucky enough to get a good smart bulb in my first purchase, I’d recommend the same to you. You can start off your home automation with a Basic Smart Bulb as they can be controlled via your mobile phone.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Hello Kishore, Even I started my smart gadget journey with a basic smart bulb and now I know the tech and how they work. Yes, few products are really cost-effective but I’d say that surely depends on the audience budget plan. You are right anybody who wants to automate their house should begin with a smart bulb. Also a huge thank you for taking your valuable time out and recommending everybody. Cheers

  10. Ravichandra Reply

    I guess this is the perfect time for me to have an upgrade and an investment in smart devices for my home in the form of smart lights. Do these devices work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? They just simplify the technology and makes the job a lot more easier.

    • Viijay Jadhav Reply

      Ravichandra Hi.. Yes, life’s all about making quick decisions and the present moment is what we live for, right? Make the right choice today and bring home the best smart gadget according to your necessity and requirements. I’d recommend you get Philips Led Bulbs as I see the requirement is the smart lights. Also, yes, the smart bulbs work with Alexas and google nests. Thank you and stay connected.

  11. I agree with the fact that smart gadgets do conserve money, power and time but the focus on those crucial minutes do matter a lot. We just need to attach them to the internet, they all really easy to operate and run much more smoothly. After reading the blog I had placed an order for the smart plug and it does a lot of work

  12. In these technology era, engineering which makes our work simple and easy has drastically increased over the period. These gadgets could have been the best replacement and I’m wondering for the future invention. I prefer to go with air purifier and smart AC as these are used regularly.

  13. Hey, I got my new gadgets ideas for my home, pretty advanced tech, great innovations listed in the article, and the information too. Nice job. Keep posting more like this.

  14. kanada ballapura Reply

    Informative article, Which brings to our notice that the gadgets we don’t even notice before in our common life but are essential for daily life usage take our living to another level. Thank you so much for sharing this informative thought.

  15. Hey, I got my new gadgets ideas for my home, pretty advanced tech, great innovations listed in the article, and the information too. Nice job. Keep posting more like this.

  16. Viijay Jadhav Reply

    Informative article, Which brings to our notice that the gadgets we don’t even notice before in our common life but are essential for daily life usage take our living to another level. Thank you so much for sharing this informative thought.

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