10 All Time Best Travel Movies You Must Watch In 2021

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Hey Movie Lovers! Here is the list of best travel movies to watch with your loved one. This are my all time favorite movies.

Let me start with a facts.

Do you know an average movie buff will watch at least 300 movies per year? Shocking right!! 

People are looking for diversion in this hard-hitting world running behind making money and getting into the practice of doing the same thing again and again. 

For those, they seek deviation at some point.

Some get attracted to food, whereas some used to hook-up with their fellas. But one thing which is typical for all to get entertained is movies.

From Rome to amazon, movies are not only about spending leisure time and having a good laugh, but it has also now become a primary platform to convey messages, educate things, interpret to learn about ourselves and the world in a better way.

It can be in any type: Humorous, mind-bending, informative, educative, even a life changer and whatnot!  

In this article, you can look for the best travel movies of all time, which kindle your desire to travel.

If you have using any of the cheapest DTH connections it will be difficult to what watch this travel movies, most of this movies are available in OTT Platforms.

Have you ever inspired to travel by just seeing the movies? Here are my suggestions for all the wanderers who start googling the locations that come in a film before it even ends. Here is the list of best travel movies to watch in 2021.

Into the Wild (2007)

best travel movies

Into the Wild is an implausible story inspired by real events about a student who just graduated university and started to experience the genuine quintessence of life leaving all his valuable belongings and gave away his money to charity.

He invented a new life for himself, attempted to get along with nature and the wild by hitchhiking from North America to Alaska.

Into the wild is one of the best travel movies, This movie will stay with you forever, and every stanch traveller will atleast think of living a life this way. 

Give a shot to go along with him, and I’m pretty sure those incredible landscapes and sceneries will ignite your wanderlust.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

best travel movies

Walter Mitty: A man living a hectic life running behind routine, hates his job to the core and often dreams about adventurous and exhilarating life.

He was associated with a firm ‘Life Magazine’, got into trouble by missing one of the negative’s of famous photographer Sean O’ Connell wherein this made him go miles in search of Sean.

Later on, he blows out of his shell, becomes more confident that helps him to leap from a daydreamer to an adventurer. Most of the scenes in the movie are filmed in Iceland and Greenland, which shown as Himalayas and Afghanistan. One of the best travel movies.

The beauty is every people can relate this story with their life, and the plot will take you through various emotions with stunning views that end up delivering life messages.

Wild (2014)

best travel movies

A young woman with the dissolution of her marriage and demise of her mother, she has lost all attraction towards life which turns her to take rash decisions for a journey of 1000 miles just by walk. 

With zero-knowledge, she sets on this trail seeking hope but getting to know more about life and living in return. The journey starts in the Desert, elevates to mountains, passes into the snow against all odds that strengthen and eventually heals her. 

This movie reminds me that “It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters”.

The Way (2012)

best travel movies

The Way is an inspirational story about the family and friends and the challenges we face while directing through a complicated world.

A father comes to collect the remains of his lost son from France, who passed away in a trail due to external disaster.Rather than returning home, he embarks on the historical pilgrimage to honour his son’s desire to complete the journey. One of the best travel movies to watch in 2021.

The film gives a heart-warming feel where one should strongly realize the difference between living life and choosing life. 

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

best travel movies

This movie speaks particularly about one of the chapters of CheGuevara. Wait did I say CheGuevara? 

Yes, it’s him, the dramatization of a motorcycle road trip CheGuevara went on in his youth that turns him from a doctor to rebel.The plot ultimately holds amazing picturization of South America, from the deserts to rainforests.

The landscapes and countryside origins will make one to jump on a motorcycle and explore places without refusing to take risks.

Leaving politics aside, it is one of the feel-good movies that explain who they are and what they become?

Zindagi Na Millegi Dobara (2011)

best travel movies

It’s sporadic to find out an adventure genre the in the Indian film industry, one of such movies would be Zindagi Na Millegi Dobara.

The film is a bonding story about three friends who plan for a bachelor party in Spain after years. Firstly, though the plot drives you seriously, it’ll set on fire once they rave-up and start to realize the real meaning of life.

Each has constraints on their means, and the director will release the thread of hope for each character at the right time.

The film captured in and around Spain and other outskirts with a lot of adventures such as scuba diving, sky diving, bull racing, and a lot more.

It’s a lovely story that helps people to understand what the real need is and we undertake the message of being yourself and follow your heart, wherever you go, whatever you do. One of the best travel movies to re call your college stories.

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (2013)

best travel movies

A travel movie from the god’s own country as expected their stunning array of visuals will sweep out your feet.

The two leading roles have a charismatic way of expressing themself throughout the journey and demonstrate the hold for the future.

People who look travel as their passion can relate to, and it carries a pure air of freedom to let loose.

In simple words, it’s about the two youngsters who decide to go on a bike trip across the length of the country in search of transformation. One of the best travel movies.

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

best travel movies

A comic psychiatrist who is tired of his mundane life, he hasn’t tasted life but yet he’s offering advice to patients in search of happiness.

So he decides to break out from his routine life, with baggage of courage and curiosity he embarks on a new path to discover the secret formula for true happiness.

The film was written based on the best-selling novel, and it’s so good to see as featuring film which made the director describe every eye-capturing landscape will inspire thousands of people to travel.

It’s not a one-time watch movie, and you can revisit anytime if you need to explore sitting at a place. One of the best travel movies to watch in 2021.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

best travel movies

Again a movie recorded at Indian land, three brothers traverse across India by train after their father’s funeral in fond of attachment.

It’s a quirky film about three wealthy brothers with juvenile personalities who haven’t spoken in a year will slowly get attached.

Their crazy experience along the way put things into place, and the process of healing starts to happen that turns them into men.

They shot mostly at Rajasthan, Udaipur, and Jodhpur with capturing natural sceneries of sands and desserts.

The Bucket List (2007)

My final movie on this list is The Bucket List. I wanted to post this as my last suggestion is to let you know what you should do before you die?

It’s a story about two ill men at their death bed converse and finds out they have something to do in common.

They wish to complete a to-do list before they die. To leave a lifetime experience, despite being at a standstill, they break out of the hospital and forge themself to accomplish their goals.

What they do doesn’t matter, their perseverance to live the fullest even at their death bed is the takeaway. One of the best travel movies with a great message.

So stop worrying, make your list and explore before your call comes.

This is my list of some of the best travel movies that remind me close to heart forever.

If you found this article useful, leave your comment below.

Also, have you seen any of these films, let me know which is your favourite movie in via our comment section.

An avid traveler who explores places to perceive nature and people in a better way. Also a digital nomad and google's friend who loves to play with the content and help the business to rank higher.


  1. It’s beautifully made and easy to understand made life easy ..want to say it’s awesome..

  2. its a wonderfull blog.
    love all these movies,my favourite being into the wild and bucket list.
    but i guess you forgot to add THE WAY which is equally as good as the above movies.

    • Appreciate your effort saurav to leave your suggestions Saurav. The above lists are my personal suggestions, would love to watch the movie “The Way”. I’ll watch and add onto the list if it gives me the same feel like what I got it from the above movies.

  3. The Darjeeling Limited (2007) movie gives us a clear idea about the movie and the different places which are mentioned.

    • Thanks for your feedback Trideep. It really encourages the upcoming bloggerlike me to maintain a pattern of writing.

  4. You’ve listed some really good travel movies, and I definitely forgot to mention how good Into the Wild is on my blog! 🙂

    Let’s collab to create better lists! 0:)

    • Yes, I feel you Jahnavi. The way how a protagonist carries himself deciding a path to find real happiness is purely expressing the audience language, I hope that’s the success of “Into the wild” film.
      And sure, even I would love to collab, let’s make a bigger community together!!

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