Best Telugu Horror Movies All Time List You Can Watch in 2021

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Horror films are one of the best things to get entertained. Telugu horror movies additionally aim to evoke viewers’ nightmares, fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown and macabre.

These movies can be streamed or watch on any OTT platforms or here are is list of best DTH in India provides excellent services.

Here is the list of Best Telugu Horror Movies List. Have a happy movie time.

HIT – The first case 

  • Cast: Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma
  • Director: Sailesh Kolanu
  • Released on: 28th FEB 2020

The film’s title is an acronym for “Homicide Intervention Team.”  

Vikram (Hero) is a police officer in the Crime Investigation Department. He falls in love with Neha, his colleague, and a forensic official. 

Vikram occasionally suffers from PTSD due to his experience. Vikram is continuously in an argument with Abhilash, another officer, who crosses lines with Vikram.

Rohit is Vikram’s close friend and his colleague, who will help him solve the critical cases with small hints. One of the best Thrillers and Horror Movies to watch in 2020. 

The Second Case is hinted afterward for release in 2021.


  • Cast: Poorna, Harshavardan Rane
  • Director: Ravi Babu
  • Released on : 21 sep 2012 ( Part 1) , 3 April 2015 ( Part 2)

Long time lovers Mohini and Harsha get married and move to the new house bought by Harsha. 

In the new house Unknown to Mohini, the spirit follows her around everywhere and finds pleasure in watching her change clothes and taking a shower. 

Meanwhile, the neighbor’s friends of Harsha’s, have a son named Vicky who can see spirits and have conversations with them. Adults dismiss his ability as the overly imaginative mind of a child at work.

The spirit enters Harsha ( Hero) and tries to assault Mohini. Trying to defend herself, she injures Harsha.

She narrates the whole story to the police while the spirit is beside her. The first part of the movie ends with Raju still following Mohini in the hospital.

Avunu is one of the best Telugu horror movies to watch.

In the second part, Mohini and Harsh will move to the new flat. But still, Raju ( Sprit ) follows her to the new place and starts finding a way to rape Mohini. He first tries to enter home during the night and tries to undress Mohini but fails after seeing the chain in her neck. 

Sanjana, a partner of Harsha, operates the Paranormal activity detector in his lab. Mohini describes everything to Harsha and his friend. Harsha’s friend calls in Sanjana to bring the sensor. But when she starts searching for the spirit, she finds nothing. 

Then they will ask Mohini to remove the chain and check for the spirit. Now the soul enters into the Harsha’s body and tries raping Mohini. Mohini and Harsha manage to save themselves.

Part 3 Might come as they didn’t close Raju’s Chapter. 


  • Cast : Anushka Shetty , Sonu Sood, Arjan Bajwa, Sayaji Shinde, Manorama. 
  • Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
  • Released on: 16 January 2009

Arundhati is a beautiful princess and the great-great-granddaughter of the Raja of Gadwal. Arrangements for her wonderful marriage. Arundhathi will go to her grandfather’s place, and she starts getting a misleading phone call in her fiancé Rahul’s voice asking her to come to the fort of Gadwal, Where she faces the horrible revelation.  

Listening to the story from an aged servant named Chandramma, Arundhati comes to know that she is a doppelgänge of her great-grandmother Arundhati/Jejamma.

Her elder sister is married to her cross-cousin Pasupathi. Pasupathi, a womanizer, rapes the women he likes and kills those who object. 

Jejamma wants to punish Pasupathi to save other girls’ lives. She will ask her people to punish him badly and send him out of the town. 

He will be very angry with Jejemma, and he wants to take revenge. With lots of Tantric arts, he will be back to the Gadwal fort on Jejemma’s marriage day and gets tempted by seeing her beauty. Before killing her, he wants to rape her vigorously. Now Jejamma performs a special dance to kill him. 

Pasupathi is buried alive in a tomb, and powerful ‘yantras’ (defensive spells) are put on to prevent him from coming out. Jejamma then visits many temples and sages for the solution; She finally meets some Aghoras, who tells her that she can only destroy Pasupathi’s vengeful spirit in her next birth. Hence to initiate her reincarnation, she agrees to give up her life. 

Unfortunately, a mad person breaks the tomb, and Pashupati comes out of that with more Tantric energy. Now he will start punishing Arundhathi to take revenge. Now she will find the other way to kill him permanently.  One of the best Telugu horror movies.


  • Cast: Dhananjay, Parul Yadav, Raghu Mukherjee
  • Director: Aswani Kumar V
  • Released on:15 March 2019

It’s a triangular love story, Set in an abandoned house; the film follows a team of professional ghost hunters trying to conduct a paranormal investigation to unveil the mystery of two sisters, Jessie and Amy Amy shows unusual mental and physical behavior. One of the best Telugu horror movies.

Prema Katha Chitram

  • Cast: Nanditha Raj, Sudheer babu, Praveen, Sapthagiri
  • Director: J. Prabhakar Reddy
  • Released on: 7 June 2013

Because they failed in their respective lives, Four friends decided to commit suicide. They will come to a farmhouse to die together, where they encounter a ghost that takes over the heroine’s body. 

Ghost will not allow anybody to go out of that house, and the entire story is about a couple who faced an issue after coming to the particular farmhouse and died. 

Hope you liked the list of the Telugu horror movies.

Apart from the above movies here is the other list of Telugu horror movies.

  • Raju Gari Gandhi ( Season 1, 2& 3 )
  • Pishachi
  • Kalavathi
  • Bhagamathi
  • Taxiwala
  • Karthikeya
  • Ganga

Let me know in the comment seen if you know any other Telugu horror movies. I would love to add those in the list.

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