Are you glued to OTT platform or Are you a binge watcher of any favorite series/movies?

This blog talks about 5 best Hindi web series that you never want to miss out.

In today’s life full of stress and anxiety and the situation of metropolitan cities is worse as every person is stuck up at their schedule.  

Entertainment industry is creating an impact by adding spices to their distasteful life.

One of the best ways of entertainment is Movies and so called WEB SERIES which goes on for hours, where they pass their time.

From the beginning of the outbreak,the whole world has taken a big hit.

COVID-19 affected a lot of people,not just physically but mentally too. 

The government had implied lockdowns for people to stay safe at home. 

At lockdowns Entertainment and Spending time with our loved ones were our pastime. 

For people who don’t know web series, Web Series is scripted or non scripted online videos, generally in episodic form released on internet or web televisions and can be watched in smartphones , laptops,computers etc. like Netflix, Amazon, SonyLiv.

So let me take you through 5 best Hindi web series 2021.

MIRZAPUR – Best Hindi Web Series 2018

best hindi

The world of Mirzapur has become more about power, politics, revenge and, conspiracies.This season doesn’t stay confined to their violent world.

And the mirzapur cast is pretty good , especially Pankaj Tripathi who steals the show in both season 1 and 2. 

The show revolves around what happens when temperamental “Guddu” messes with the deadly gangster “Kaleen bhaiya” to avenge the death of his loved ones. This is one of the best Hindi web series.

You can watch Mirzapur series streaming on Amazon Prime.

PAATAL LOK – Best Hindi Web Series 2020

Genre : Crime Thriller           

Paatal lok is an Indian hindi language crime thriller web television series.

It’s about a cynical inspector who is tasked with investigating a high profile case which leads him to the dark realm of the underworld and shocking discoveries in the past of four of the suspects. 

It’s gripping from the beginning till the end.  

You can watch which is available on Amazon prime

SCAM 1992 – Best Hindi Web Series 2020

Genre : Crime, Drama

Set in 1980’s and 90s Bombay, Scam 1992 follows the life of Harshad Mehta– the infamous “ BACHCHAN OF BSE”.

It might also be considered as the hindi version of “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET”. 

It was a rags to riches story till financial journalist Sucheta Dalal exposed Harshad as the man behind India’s biggest financial scam. 

Watch SCAM 1992 which is available on SonyLiv.

ASUR – Latest Hindi Web Series 2020

Best Hindi webs series

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Asur is a cat-and – mouse thriller where a team of CBI forensic experts tries to hunt down a gifted serial killer with a penchant for religious fanaticism. 

It’s an excellent story, suspense thriller background music and makes you watch till the end without the boring and uniqueness. Reminded me of CID. It’s based on True Detective. Asur is one of the latest Hindi web series.

You can watch Asur which is available on Voot.                 

SPECIAL OPS – Best Hindi Web Series

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Special OPS is an Indian-hindi language thriller espionage web series. 

The series is based on real life incidents from the lives of the officers working for the Indian intelligence agency . 

With a gripping screenplay and thinking that we solved the case, but not, the series flings another twist to you, scratching your head to confusion makes it more engaging.

You can watch Special OPS which is available on Hotstar Specials.

Hope you liked our list of best Hindi Web series. Also here are some of other Hindi web series list.

  • Stage of Seige 26/11
  • Code M
  • The Forgotten Army
  • Breathe 2

Hope this 5 web series in hindi gives you an idea about how Indian cinema is evolving. And the series mentioned are quite thrilling, give it a watch.

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

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  1. Nice suggestions. Mirzapur is a must watch series. Great work Brijesh keep going👍🏼

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  4. Thankyou for the information. Some of them I have missed watching. Post reading your comments and a short description about the series, it makes it easy for me to decide which one to watch.
    Keep writing for much information.

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