Best Mehandi Design For Kids: 20 Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids In 2022

Mehandi Design For Kids: Mehandi design is one of the most ancient and artistic designs in India. We have a number of types of mehendi designs in India. India is a country with different religions so mehendi designs also have a different meaning in India.

Mehendi, the popular Indian art of henna, is a symbol of beauty, happiness, and celebration in various countries of the world. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating mehendi. In the Hindu religion, women apply traditional mehendi or mehndi during their major ceremonies to add a unique beauty to their hands and feet.The art of mehendi is a very ancient art and has been in practice for over years. 

As an ancient art form, henna body art has evolved over the years with many regional styles emerging. 

Henna is an ancient body art form originating from the Indian sub-continent. Although renowned for its use on hands, feet, and sometimes even toe nails, henna can actually be used for almost any part of the body. 

How much we as a adult like applying medandi on our hand likewise, kids also love it but the problem is that they don’t keep it for long and the design get massier. 

So, here are 20 best Mehandi design for kids which is very simple and kids will love it. 

1. Flower Mehandi Design For Kids

flower mehandi design for kids

One of the best designs for kids is something unique and simple because they don’t like to keep the henna on for too long. 

As seen in the picture the design does not cover the whole hand and requires less time to dry completely. It has a big flower in the middle and the rest is covered with dots and lines. This shows it for the back hand but you can also apply it on the front hand. 

2. Flower & Net Mehandi Design

flower & net mehandi design

This cute little design suits your tiny little kid’s hand. This is not too grand or too simple but is just perfect for all the occasions . Remember those times when kids start crying that they want to apply mehandi too? Draw this on their hand to make them happy. 

The design does not include much but flowers, lines and dots. 

3. Mickey Mouse Mehandi Design

mickey mouse mehandi design

What comes to your mind when you think of mahandi design for kids ? some cartoon characters right ? Here is a design for your kids. It’s a mickey mouse design with leaves and flowers. 

You can also replace the cartoon with your kids favorite characters. This one requires more space to draw so, you can I would suggest to draw it on 7 to 8 years old kids. 

4. Easy Mehandi Design For Kids

easy mehandi design for kids

There comes the smallest design for kids. As seen in the picture it’s just a simple flower with a curve line and leaves. 

This hardly takes 2 mins to draw and is very easy to dry it. The design goes with every occasion and events. 

5. Doll & House Mehandi Design For Kids

 doll & house mehandi design for kids

Girls love playing with their doll house so why not draw the same dollhouse on their hand as a Mehndi. As shown in the picture below you can also draw a little girl like your kid and surprise her. 

The tip of the finger is fully empty but you can cover it with heena. This goes for diwali and weddings. 

6. Arabic Mehandi Design For Kids

arabic mehandi design for kids

Yet this is another cartoon character’s mehandi design for your kids. On one hand it shows the bond between the parents and the kids and the other one shows how kids are joyful and love to pay. 

These cartoon Characters are very catchy to kids eyes and they will love drawing it on their hand and seeing it all the time.

7. Best Mehandi Design For Kids

 best mehandi design for kids

We all know how kids can get messier and this mehandi design is best suited for those. It is a simple one like mehandi which is filled with curvy lines , dots and leaves. 

This is best for the back hand which only covers one finger. This is a very simple design and also it does not cover the whole hand. 

8. Chain Mehandi Design For Kids

 chain mehandi design for kids

This mehndi design is not simple as it looks but it is very elegant for all types of functions you attend. The design will look absolutely cute in kids hands and add a spark to the ethnic outfit. 

This design looks like the hand is covered with a bow and gift wrap with little heart.

9. Elephant Mehandi Design For Kids

elephant mehandi design for kids

Baby elephants are the cutest and they are kids’ favorites. So why not put it in the mehandi? The cute elephant changes the whole look on the kid’s hand and it also has flowers and leaves which makes it even more unique. 

As in the previous image the design does not cover the whole hand but only 2 fingers. 

10. Smily Mehandi Design For Kids

smily mehandi design for kids

Mehandi designs for kids are the easiest once because they will love every little things. This emoji mehandi can put a smile on your kids face like they always do. The tip of the finger is fully covered with heena and the rest of the hand is covered with smiling emojis. 

11. Traditional Mehandi Design

traditional mehandi design

Now that you have got a perfect Mehandi on your hand why not get your kids a perfect one too?

This flower design is best for kids and they don’t feel bored of the design. The design will hardly take 4 to 5 mins to draw on the hand. 

12. Candies & Cake Mehandi Design For Kids

candies cake mehandi design for kids

What do kids love ? candies and cakes so why not draw the same as a mehandi design on their hand and surprise them. You can also write their name below it to make it even more interesting. 

13. Chocolate Mehandi Design

chocolate mehandi design

This is a cute design for 1 year olds. Where they had just started eating chocolates and they will love seeing it on their hand all the time. The little starts also makes it interesting for them to watch.

 You can use the same design on the front but usually babies fold their fingers more often so the mehandi might get destroyed. So I would suggest drawing it at the back of the hand.

14. Elegant & Fancy Mehandi Design

 elegant & fancy mehandi design

This design can be used for adults as will because it is very elegant and fancy looking. It goes for every event and looks perfect for your ethnic wear. 

The design for front hand as well as back hand and it will hardly take 5 to 10 mins to draw this on your kids hand.

15. Butterfly Mehandi Design For Kids

butterfly mehandi design for kids

Kids love butterflies and also it’s the symbol of freedom and openness. The design has a Little butterfly on each tip of the finger and a big one at the middle hand stars in front of it. The design will hardly take 5 mins to draw in your kid’s hand. 

16. Baby Elephant Mehandi Design For kids

baby elephant mehandi design for kids

It’s the elephant design again but with little more added design to it. It is very classy and also kids will love it because of the baby elephant in the middle. 

The design will take 10 to 15mins to draw on your kids hand and is best suited for weddings. 

17. Unicorn Mehandi Design For kids

unicorn mehandi design for kids

Add a little magic to your kids Mehandi. This is a simple mehandi which says “believe in magic” in one hand and a unicorn in the other hand. You can also add little colors to the unicorn using different colors and draw starts around. 

18. Baby Unicorn Mehandi Design For kids

baby unicorn mehandi design for kids

This is a baby unicorn for kids, because kids love them and it looks cute in the baby’s hand. You can also replace it with the cartoon they love, like barbies, sinchan, chota bheem and many more. 

This will take 3 to 4 mins to draw and requires less time to dry.

19. Arabic Mehndi Design For Kids

arabic mehndi design for kids

The common is Arabic mehndi design. Usually it only has flowers in it and most of the design covers only 1 finger. You can also make a mother daughter combo and get the same design and twin with each other. 

20. Tom and Jerry Mehndi Design For Kids

 tom and jerry mehndi design for kids

Who doesn’t like Tom and Jerry ? It’s everyone’s favorite cartoon . You can use the characters for your kids mehandi design by drawing jom on one hand and jerry on the other. This will take the kids and they keep the mehandi a little longer. 

Watch Video – How to draw cute Princess- Mehandi Design For Kids

Mehendi is one of the most ancient Indian art. The word mehendi comes from the Sanskrit word “mendhika” which means decorate or paint. It is done on the hands, feet and sometimes the face. It is also called Henna. 

Mehendi is an ancient art form that originated in the Middle East and spread to both Europe and Asia. It is practiced mainly in the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia.

We hope you enjoyed our article about Mehandi design for kids . With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your mehndi and use these designs on your kids. So what are you waiting for? Download mehndi design today. 

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