Top 10 Best Eye Hospitals In Bangalore – [Updated 2022]

Delaying your eye treatment? Well, your vision has to be your priority, as they quote it, “the solution is right in the sight”.

Let us get educated about the eye strains and we have already listed down few of best eye hospitals in India which will help you to find the best hospital in your city.

By gazing at digital screens for too long, most of us take our eyes for granted, leading to eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, difficulty focusing at a distance, and neck, back, and shoulder pain.

You can do a few things to keep your eyes clear and healthy. 

Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E should be included in your diet.

After each hour of work, make sure you look away from your digital screens. You should also get an eye test regularly to ensure that your eyes are in good working order. Many hospitals in Bangalore feature highly qualified specialists and world-class eye care services. 

Here’s I will be listing down the list of best eye hospitals in Bangalore that can help you if you ever have an eye problem:

List of the best eye hospitals in Bangalore

Here is a list of the top 10 best eye hospitals in Bengaluru for eye treatments with complete details.

Karthik Netralaya

karthik netralaya

Established in 1980, Karthik Netralaya has a custom-built infrastructure, an appealing ambience, and exceptional service.

Cataract microsurgery, refractive surgery, cornea surgery, Vitreo-retina surgery, glaucoma surgery, squint, pediatric surgery, and vision treatment.

Dr M. S. Ravindra is a cataract, cornea, IOL, and V.R. specialist. Dr Karthik Meda is The Director and Vitreo Retinal Consultant.

Dr Deepthi Meda specializes in cornea grafting, Femto laser vision correction, and contoured vision correction. They have five additional physicians who are highly qualified as well. 

Phakosection is a new and safe suture-less tiny incision procedure for cataract intraocular lens microsurgery invented and perfected at this facility. 

*They received the Asia Pacific Institute of Opthalmology’s outstanding service award for humanitarian work. 

Address89, 7th Cross Rd, near Bull Temple Road, CK Nagar, NR Colony, Basaanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560050
Phone No.09886789799

Narayana Netralaya

narayana netralaya

Established in 1982, Narayana Netralaya provides the highest level of ophthalmic specialist care. They are fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. 

They have over 3,10,000 satisfied patients and have over 33 years of expertise in cataract surgery. They provide cornea surgery utilizing cutting-edge keratoplasty techniques such as DALK and DSAEK. This facility does Intacs and corneal collagen cross-linking to treat severe conditions. 

Bladeless, flapless, and painless refractive surgery is performed here. Vitreoretinal surgery, glaucoma surgery, retinoblastoma surgery, neuro-ophthalmology and electrophysiology, uveitis and ocular immunology, ocular prosthetics center, oculoplastic and orbit surgery, and comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation are among the treatments they provide.

Cataract and refractive surgery are provided by Drs. K. Bhujang Shetty, Naren Shetty, Hemamalini, and Aishwarya. Dr. Narendra Kumar Yadav provides Vitreoretinal treatments, and his team is exceptionally skilled and experienced in performing the procedure flawlessly. 

Here, specialists do vitreoretinal surgeries, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismology, glaucoma surgery, and other eye operations.

Address: 121/C, Chord Rd, Near Isckon Temple, 1st R Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Phone No: 08066121643

Nethradhama super Speciality Eye Hospital

nethradhama super speciality eye hospital

Established In 1994, Nethradhama Multi-specialty Hospital came into existence.

The doctors at Nethradhama specialize in high-quality eye care and use cutting-edge technology and surgical techniques, and have outstanding and experienced doctors on staff.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH), the constituent board council of India, a component board of the Quality Council of India, has accredited it.

At Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, they provide refractive treatments, glaucoma services, cataract surgery, vitreoretinal therapies, and much more.

Dr. Ganesh has 20 years of ophthalmology experience. Dr. Suman Shree R is the hospital’s director and CEO, with over 20 years of expertise in the industry.

Dr. Savitha Arun is the director of the anterior segment and electrophysiological quality assurance coordinator.

They have 37 other doctors on staff, each of whom is an expert in their profession.

*The governor of the state of Telangana awarded them the most patient-friendly hospital award in 2015. 

They’ve also won the Qualtech award for groundbreaking process improvement. 

They have a charitable trust called Shraddha Eye Care Trust, which has over 90 beds and has helped many economically disadvantaged patients achieve better eyesight and eye health.

Address:256/14, Kanakapura Rd, Opp. ICICI bank, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
Phone No:09448071816

Devi Eye Hospital

devi eye hospital

Established in 1994, Devi Eye Hospital houses a wide range of eye specialties. They use cutting-edge technologies here.

Cataract, Lasik and refractive, Vitro-retina, glaucoma, pediatric and squint facilities, orbit, oculoplastics and ocular oncology, uveitis and ocular immunology, and keratoconus are among the services provided.

Dr. Balakrishna Shetty is an ophthalmologist with 30 years of experience. Dr. Vidya has 16 years of experience as an ophthalmologist.

Dr. GM Prakash is an ophthalmologist with 19 years of expertise. Dr. Aarthi is an ophthalmologist with ten years of expertise.

Dr. Ashwini Ranganath has nine years of experience in the profession, whereas Dr. Sukhdeep Bains has 13 years, and Dr. Hegde Sharat Shivaramaiah possesses over six years.

*They have a campaign that uses the media to increase awareness of eye illnesses like glaucoma, CVS, and night blindness. 

Address:#710, 6th A Main Road, Srinagar, Richmond Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560050
Phone No:

Prabha Eye Clinic

prabha eye clinic

Prabha Eye Clinic has been in the eye care field since 1940 and runs a super-specialized ophthalmic facility. Cutting-edge technology, integrated, accessible, cost-effective, and relevant types of equipment are available.

They have Cataract surgery, keratoconus surgery, glaucoma surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, uvea, and ocular inflammation surgery, Neuro-Ophthalmology, facial aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery, eye plastic and orbital surgery, ophthalmic plastic surgery, orbit, and ocular oncology, pediatric Ophthalmology, thyroid eye clinic, socket reconstruction and custom made ocular prosthesis, botox clinic, and emergency clinic are all available.

Dr. Vinay R Murthy specializes in cornea and refractive surgery; Dr. Praveen R Murthy specializes in cataracts and vitreous retina surgery, and Dr. Gowri J Murthy specializes in cataract and glaucoma surgery. They’ve brought in another 13 highly trained doctors.

Address: 504, 40th Cross Rd, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
Phone No: 08026659595

Minto Eye Hospital

minto eye hospital

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) was started in 1955 by the Mysore Educational Society. Minto Eye Hospital, which specializes in ophthalmology, was founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s oldest eye specialist hospitals. 

Dr. Ravi Prakash is an expert ophthalmologist with extensive experience as an outstanding eye surgeon. 

For the ophthalmology unit, there are over 300 beds.

*They also have a vitreoretinal center, a glaucoma clinic, a squint eye clinic, and an eye bank.

Address: Chamrajpet, Tippu Sultan Palace Rd, Opposite V V Puram Police Station, New Tharagupet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
phone No: 08026701646
Website: –

Shekar Eye Hospital

shekar eye hospital

Established in 1999, Shekar Eye Hospital has a mission to provide quality eye care services to people worldwide, and they place a premium on expertise, efficiency, and dependability. 

Shekar Eye Hospital has been accredited by The National Board of Hospitals and Health Care. It is one of the finest communities for ophthalmic treatments.

They specialize in cataract, Lasik, refractive surgery, diabetic eye care, glaucoma therapy, squint eye correction, and Pediatric Ophthalmology.

The clinic’s founder, Dr. Rajashekar Y L, has conducted over 30,000 eye procedures. 

Senior consultant Dr. Vivek M Bhaskar Shailesh GM is a senior consultant, and they have a total of ten doctors on staff.

They have treated over two lakh patients and done over 20,000 procedures of varying degrees of complexity.

Address: 633, Outer Ring Rd, Dollar Layout, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
Phone No: 099805 62020

Nelivigi Eye Hospital

nelivigi eye hospital

It is one of Bangalore’s best eye hospitals city, with a staff of highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art surgical equipment. Nelivigi Eye Hospital has been in operation since 2013.

Lasik eye surgery, squint eye treatment, dry eye treatment, cataract and IOL, cornea and external disease, diabetic retinopathy, Lasik and laser vision correction, macular disorders, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, and uveitis are a few of the procedures they’ve performed.

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi has 25 years of experience in glaucoma and cataract surgery. He has a lot of ophthalmology experience.

Dr. Ajay K is a senior consultant of the anterior segment and cornea refraction with 18 years of experience. They also have two other doctors who are very qualified and experienced.

Address: 450/435/10, Behind Kanti Sweets, Bellandur – Doddakannelli Road, Outer Ring Rd, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103
Phone No: 08043705050

Sankara Eye Hospital

sankara eye hospital

Established in the year 1998. Sankara Eye Hospital believes that more than 80% of eye blindness is avoidable and treatable.

They offer cataract, cornea, glaucoma, Lasik, ocular oncology, orbit and oculoplastic, uvea, vitreo-retina services, strabismus, uvea, vitreo-retina services, and vision therapy.

Dr. Y.Umesh has 24 years of expertise, and Dr. Meena Gopinath Menon is an expert in her profession.

Dr. Sowmya R has 11 years of expertise in the field of medicine. Dr. Lalitha K.J. and Dr. Rajesh R., and Dr. Kaushik Murali are also excellent in the field.

*Sankara Eye Hospitals’ motto is to provide free eye treatment to over 80 percent of the population. 

They use intraocular lenses and perform no-stitch phacoemulsification surgery.

Address: Varthur Rd, Vaikuntam Layout, Lakshminarayana Pura, Kundalahalli, Munnekollal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037
Phone no: 0806903 8900

Mirlay Eyecare

mirlay eyecare

Mirlay Eye Care is one of the region’s greatest eye care and eye drop surgery centres, dating back to 1990.

They boast cutting-edge technology, and their surgical teams are top-notch. National Board of Hospitals and Health Care Providers (NABH) – has granted it accreditation.  

People of all ages can get complete eye tests from them. Their infrastructure covers a total area of 4500 square feet. They have a good policy and an ISO certificate.

Cataract, Lasik, and refractive surgery are available, as well as diabetic eye care, glaucoma therapy, squint eye treatment, and pediatric ophthalmology.

Dr. Ram. S. Mirlay has 30 years of expertise as an ophthalmologist, and Dr. Sreevani S has 21 years as an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon.

Listed above are the best hospitals in Bangalore, and it is a blessing for all the people who stay here. 

Address:  No.9, St Johns Church Rd, Bharati Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005
Phone No: 0802555 8414

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best eye hospital in Bangalore?

Bangalore’s Specialist Hospitals are the top eye hospitals in the city. The ophthalmology department strives to provide more than just eye treatment. Cataract, Glaucoma, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Cornea and External Diseases, Ocular Trauma, Refractive Disorders, lacrimal drainage disorders, uveal diseases, and Retinal Disorders are all treated at specialist hospitals.

What are common eye problems?

The following are some of the most common vision issues: Glaucoma, Strabismus Cataract Amblyopia Trauma to the eyes, Disorders of Refraction & Retinal Problems.

What happens during your first visit?

An ophthalmologist provides a standard examination to assess your vision’s present state. Your vision score is determined after a series of tests, and if there are any ocular problems, they are diagnosed, and the impairment is measured. 
Minor vision problems are generally treated with spectacles and contact lenses, but the ophthalmologist may recommend medication or treatment in some circumstances.

What are some of the common risk factors for vision impairment?

Age is the factor (older people are more likely to have impaired vision)
Genetic predisposition (family history of color blindness, night blindness)
Poor diet 
Excess U.V. exposure 


These are the best eye hospitals in Bangalore city. We hope our blog was informational and you liked reading it. Kindly show us some appreciation in the comment section below. Thank You!

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