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15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – Deadly Pets

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Can dogs be dangerous? Yes! But not all are the most dangerous dog breeds.

For centuries dogs have worked side by side with humans and been human’s best companion and loyal pet. But their nature entirely depends on the way we are raised.

Though the behavior downright lies in their training method and nurturing style, they can sometimes threaten humans.

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In several scenarios, the temperament will get out of control in some cases. These most dangerous dog breeds would create a circumstance for themselves of obeying only the owner’s order but not everyone at home.

List of Most Dangerous Dog breeds In The World

So here you’re, check below the list of the most dangerous dogs that you should know before petting, and it helps you stay away if they lose temperament.

American Pit Bull

PitBull is always on top of the list and considered as the dangerous dog in the world that is deadly to raise or breed.

One well-known fact about PitBull was, many countries ban them. Do you know why?

According to the dogsbite organisation, nearly 200 people were killed, and 300 people were injured because of its unpredictable behavior.

They get aggressive most of the time, and trespassers, intruders are never going to miss out from his/her sight. 

They are highly affectionate, loyal, and playful to their owner and family. Genetically, most Pitbulls are muscular and carry zero fat.  

And they bred to hunt animals and baiting bulls. Despite their cuteness, only owners make the alterations to train them to look fierce and bold.

To ensure safety, they are known for their owner’s alpha. So, one should give training, proper treatment, and care.

Note: Pitbull will remain calm until they’re provoked.

Tibetan Mastiff

Next on my list would be Tibetan Mastiff, which is the second most dangerous dog in the world. With a bulky appearance and black/brown thick-coated hair, a large breed that originated centuries ago in Tibet used to guard property and livestock. 

The report says they are in existence from the 18th century, resembling lions with a trace spread from Asia to Europe and then to America.

With such a striking look, the Tibetan Mastiff dog is an intelligent breed with a strong sense of self-awareness. 

When there is a threat or sign of intruders, Mastiff will become a powerful protector risking their lives to safeguard their family.

They are extremely dangerous and aggressive when it comes to protection; until then, you will witness only that happy pooch behavior.

Even Mastiffs are known for the alpha. So, owners should provide proper socialization and training if anyone plans to breed.

Note: Tibetan Mastiffs always look cute and bubbly if humans properly raise them.

Saint Bernard

Touching the Italian and Swiss Alps, the only breed used for large working in number and looks big would be Saint Bernard.

Most of the crowd haven’t seen this breed since it belongs to a region. Hardly St. Bernards show up in movies too, and they are saviors, rescuers, and a loyal family friend.

As long as they are nurtured properly, they could cause effective damage and danger to people outside his boundary. That is why people used to breed them by marking territory.

With a vast appearance and how he/she carries the aggression, the strangers run away from their sight.

The only way to breed a Saint Bernard dog is to socialize with strangers at a young age.

Note: They are great with children, and they have been used for searching and rescuing hikers and trekkers from the outskirts of snow.

Bull Mastiff

This breed naturally menaces by its prominent-shaped muscular-sized appearance. And came into existence from across the birth of bulldogs and mastiffs.

Wildlife saviors will use these dogs for guarding against any unexpected occurrence in the field. Because of their temperamental behavior, they often turn unpredictable if not brought up well.

This dog can become a family mate quickly and keep for safeguard purposes due to intense guarding abilities.

If not trained well enough, they are the best troublers and independent breeds.

Note: Need solid guidance to train his patience. Going harsh would make him turn more aggressive.


The most famous and known breed in this list is also renowned for its worst tempers. The owner has to be highly mature and confident enough to train or even breed him.

Initially, they look like small tiny pooches which everyone will love, but their sole nature is revealed after maturity.

They are hardly inactive and sore and will mostly obey the owner’s words than others in the family. 

Also, he is a pure savage when it comes to treating people. Give a thought before buying them or double-check with the seller about the ancestor’s behavior.

Note: With proper consistency, they can remain friendly with strangers at the least.

German Shepherd

One of my favorites and most popular in this list is German Shepherd, the way they carry and the attitude they show is of classic level. They have been in existence for more than a century. 

With abilities to be sharp, alert, intelligent, active, and fearless, they were the first to get into the service department and the military force and personnel department.   

No wonder why they are on this most dangerous dog breeds list, GSD’s can be dangerous at any time if we fail to train properly. And they are responsible for fatalities while attacking strangers to protect their family, home, and owners.

They are commonly known as mouthy breeds, where they tend to use their mouth as hand thanks. Whatever that goes in, they’ll chew, grind and spit it out.  As a puppy, it seems cute doing so will become great trouble as it grows up.

Black German Shepherd can be toned down only by regular training, and you can either raise a friendly pet or guardian of the house.

Note: You can raise them both intelligent and naive based on the situation. And the funny fact is they often chase their shadows.


For a family living in a secure and peaceful environment, boxers are not of their choice. They are purely hunting dogs used to guard against other animals and strangers.

They remain gentle, playful, and loyal with children, and they can also be determined and wilful while taking a strike.

With strong jaws and bites, they are the perfectionists in protecting their owners and family life.

It is recommended to do calm training; harsh treatment will induce them to behave worse.

Note: Risking lives without a second thought for his/her family at peril is their way of serving the family. 

Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian shepherd dog originated from the Russian mountains used as working dogs and for guarding livestock.

In size similar to Tibetan mastiffs, one needs a hell of a lot of dedication, time, and training to make them behave obediently, else it’ll be dangerous and a handful to handle.

They mostly loved to live outdoors, tracking animal traces and guarding the boundary areas against unexpected occurrences.

This canine beast is born to dominate the rugged highlands of Russian mountain ranges, mainly covering the Caucasus.

With an ability of wilderness since birth, owners are solely responsible for taking control and making them socialize with strangers from the beginning.

Note: Strangers will be at high risk even to death if they start to misjudge the upcoming.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has a muscular body, long head, sleek, and the tail is usually docked short and people-oriented dogs. 

They remain social, playful, and noble-looking with people. But don’t forget that you’re dealing with the most aggressive player on this list.

They often lose temper, used for police and military work to sense the wrong happenings so accurately fast.

One can attest to their brilliance and ferocity and are incredibly loyal, extremely smart, exceptionally cunning, and very good at predicting people’s intentions.

Note: A working-class reed. Notice their conduct at regular intervals. Need consistent training from a young age to maintain manners.

Great Dane

Great Danes are enormous, incredible giants who are sensitive and emotional towards people.

Being the tallest dog in the whole family, taller than a human on their back legs, has a remarkable ability to hunt animals like boar, bear, and deer.

The face resembles an extreme level of soreness, but it is active and sharp when it comes to hunting/ assaulting.

And Great Danes tend to follow their noses for sensing the prey; taking a walk should be only with some boundaries.

Note: Train them from a young age and provide daily exercise due to their daunting size.

Bull Terrier

One unique feature would be the egg-shaped head, goofy look that resembles its personality.

Bull Terrier has a bad past of submissive treatment with aggressive attackers training. They mainly urge the prey to kill the small dogs and animals. 

One should be watched out for when they are around with children. Though they don’t have an intention, their muscular body and tapering teeth will harm the kids.

They were bred to fight and will obey only one person’s orders. If trained properly, they remain living as fun pets till their lifetime.

Note: Veterinary report says these dogs have an obsessive personality disorder (OCD) by birth which is common.

Wolf Hybrid

An identical resemblance of wolves is a cross between wolves and dogs. Genetically, they carry the traits of a wolf and a dog which makes them unpredictable. 

Among all from the above list, Wolf Hybrids were considered a rare, uncontrollable, deadly, dangerous, and unforeseeable breed because of his/her genetic touch of wilderness.

They can either be a lifesaver during the worst times and become deadly killers with mere respect to their upbringing. 

It’s illegal to own a Wolf hybrid in many countries without a proper vaccination and license.

Many theory says dogs are the ancestors of wolf breed, the traits changes as they get civilized with different dog breeds.

That’s a long different story to cover, will try to talk about this matter in another article.

Note: They carry the bashful nature of wolves, which usually make them poor protectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog has killed the most humans?


If you see the many reports, you’ll get shocking numbers on how Pitbulls have assaulted their owner’s due to sudden loss of temperament and unpredictable situations. Pitbulls killed nearly 200 people, the only reason where they got banned in many countries. They are always on top as the most dangerous dog in the world.

What is the max age of a dog?

The ageing of dogs varies with due respect to breed nature and lifestyle. On average large and medium-sized dogs will live for approximately 8 to 12 years, whereas an average small dog will live for approximately 15 to 16 years.

How can you tell how old a dog is?

Well, there are some ways to look onto your dog’s age,

— Body shape 
— Coat colour – around the muzzle and eyes
— Teeth check – The more the tartar, the more they get older 
— Lower back check – Feeling the spine prominently 
— Take a picture – Face on, Body and Up above for every year 
— Keep track of their genetics

Which dog can kill a jaguar?

Jaguar has good jaw muscles among the cat family and is the biggest after lion and tiger. They weigh around 125 – 220 pounds. 

Caucasian shepherds and Tibetan Mastiffs are the only breeds weighing more than 180 – 200 pounds that can kill Jaguar in a fight.

What is the rarest dog breed?

Lagotto Romagnolo
Skye Terrier


Hope this blog will be useful to figure out the most dangerous dog breeds that are deadly to handle and pet. 

You will become their life, love, and leader. They will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of the heart.

Roger Caras once said,

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Whatever nature, dogs belong to soft, active, sore, aggressive, and dangerous animals. The love for their owners, family, and home is way too pure and precious.

Owners are solely responsible for maintaining a dog free from danger to other people. These dangerous dog breeds traits are like birth; one should know how to take good care and control of his/her breed.

I suggest people even to pet the ferocious kind by understanding the upbringings and nature of breeding before petting them. They’re the most precious and valuable possession of humankind.

Make sure to tone down and train properly!!

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