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5 Best Dog Food To Feed Your Dog 2021

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In this blog, you will get more information about the best Dog Food to feed him.

As said above, dogs are the greatest thing that has happened to human beings. Their love towards us is never-ending. They are just like children, much cuter and sweeter than them. They are the real blessings from GOD.

A man’s best friend and the most faithful animal. I have three pets. It’sit’s such a blessing and Pleasure actually to have them and be a part of the family.

There couldn’t be more than I can ask for. The way they welcome us when we get home from work or other places, licking our faces, jumping on us, playfully expressing their love towards us.

It’s always good to have dogs around us. Especially puppies. They give us this positive energy or vibe, which is quite good for our physical and mental health. When they provide us with so much, we must know what to feed them to stay healthy and stronger.

When Dogs give us so much, and they don’t expect anything from us. The two best things we can provide them Love and Food.

If you’re having a Dog and want him to grow stronger and healthier, here are a few suggestions on what you should feed your Dog.

Royal Canin – Best Dog Food

best dog food

If having a puppy, Royal Canin Dog Food is the best food to feed your dog. No matter what breed you have, this is the best Dog food to Give a Dog.

All you have to do is read the instructions behind the package. They are quite clear on how much you should feed the dog. I would recommend two glasses for royal canin with 1 liter of water.

You would rather be thinking, why not Milk? Water is better than Milk if you’re having any breed dog because water has its benefits. It’s actual doctor recommended and makes your puppy grow healthy.

4kgs bag costs around Rs 2235 and 15kgs bag costs around Rs 6200.

Raw or Boiled Chicken

Chicken - Best dog food

Just like human beings, dogs also need meat. When it comes to puppies, you will have to be a bit careful.

So when it comes to chicken, it’s better when it’s boneless chicken because bone chicken can damage the puppy’s stomach, but in the case of grownups, it’s totally fine to feed them Raw or Boiled Chicken.

In many cases, after the puppy eats bones, it punctures their stomach, causes bleeding, and if not treated in time, they tend to die. So it is good to be careful while feeding chicken.

You can feed them twice a day by boiling them in water and adding flavors as human beings eat, but just water and chicken will do good.

It is better to buy chicken from cold storage. It might cost you around 50-60 rupees per kg. It is one best Dog Food to feed your dogs.

Note: Whatsoever breed you have- Friendly pets such as beagle, labrador, or Pitbull which is considered as a dangerous dog in the world, it is advisable to serve half-cooked or fully boiled meat.

Vegetables & Fruits – Healthy Dog Food

vegetables for dog

Worried that you’re vegan? Thinking that dogs only eat non-veg?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Fruits and Vegetables fetch the same protein and vitamins as Chicken and Mutton do. Whether small dog breeds or large dog breeds, they can grow up to be vegan. It’s quite better than non-veg because, as humans know, vegetables carry many proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients that non-veg don’t.

Vegetables you can feed your Dog are Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Cucumbers, Spinach, and Green beans. Fruits you can feed your Dog are Apples(without seeds), Watermelon, Banana, Strawberries, and Pears.

If you have a puppy, it’s better to boil because puppies can’t digest hard food, and it’s better to give the boiled water.

It might not cost us a lot since we even buy and eat vegetables, not more than 30 rupees a day.

Dog Treats 

Like human beings, Dogs do need treats. Treats are nothing but snacks.

Must it be fed in a limited amount? As said earlier, their tummies are sensitive and might feel like puking, so the lesser, the better.

It’s better to feed treats while you’re training your puppy because it helps them understand why we are feeding them, and it becomes quite obedient.

I would prefer Purepet or Meat up treats as many dogs like the taste. It might cost you around 200-250 Rupees.


Dogs can eat Eggs. They offer the same nutrition as they do for adults. Boiled eggs are better than raw ones.

 While feeding boiled eggs, it’s better to cut into pieces if the puppies are active and playful; having no idea how to eat it will swallow the whole egg. They do have a great source of protein and contain essential amino acids and fatty acids, which give your dog enough protein.

A dozen eggs may cost you around 60 rupees which can be fed for three days. 

Well, there are other best dog food to feed your dog, such as 

  • Drools dog food – 2400 rupees for a 12 kgs bag.  
  •  Pedigree Dog Food – 3000 rupees for 20 kgs bag. 
  • Dairy Products 

Hope our list was satisfying and informative. 

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