5 Best Tattoo Designs For Men

Wanting to have a tattoo and confused on what type of designs you need to have?  

We’re gonna drive you through 5 best Tattoo designs for Men particularly, where they can have it for a purpose and even that looks great.

Though trends might keep on changing but a tattoo doesn’t !! 

When fashion is getting to another level, tattoos are one thing that everyone would love to have.  

Tattoos have been practiced for almost 12000 years. Egypt started the practice of tattooing . From Egypt it was spread to Crete, Greece, Arabia and ancient China and other European tribes.  

Well in the 1800’s tattoos were considered as a criminal act or deviant. But today people have tattoos to express their feelings , character and most of them to show off.

According to an estimate in 2020, 38% of adults from the age of 19 to 28 have at least one tattoo.  

Well there are 5 major types of tattoos designs such as traumatic tattoos in other terms; natural tattoos which occur due to an accident or some kind of trauma. 

Professional tattoos which are done by professionals with the help for tattoo machines also called tattoo guns. 

If you are looking for simple but elegant designs, we have shared we some 5 unique tattoo designs for girls that you might be interested.

Amateur tattoos are the work of unqualified individuals who use tingling techniques and needles to apply ink beneath your skin surface. And there are Medical and cosmetic tattoos . 

Shiva Tattoo Designs 


Among gods, lord shiva is considered the most powerful god. He alone, Brahma and Vishnu form a Trinity which takes care of Birth, Sustenance and Death. 

Most people, majorly Indian people prefer lord Shiva s tattoo. He’s been referred to as “the destroyer”  but in reality he purifies the impurity in us. 

Moreover Lord Shiva is worshipped worldwide. Getting inked with a religious tattoo on Maha Shivaratri is a religious thing which is followed by people. 

And just not Lord Shiva tattoo designs but tattoos like Trishul, Damru, Rudraksha Mala in hand, OM and third eye . 

These tattoos are represented as Lord Shiva’s  belongings. It’s suitable for small, medium and large skin faces and there are various different depictions available to suit all tastes and preferences.    

Heart Tattoo Designs  


Heart tattoos designs are one of the symbolic tattoos. You can imprint them as a symbol of strength , passion, power, love , persistence. 

The pulse symbol is similar to a little monitor with an irregular line that goes up up and down like when a patient is hooked up to a monitor. It’s typically small and holds a lot of meanings and one of the simple tattoo designs for Men.

Common reasons to get a heartbeat tattoo are to memorialize a lost loved one , a birth of a child and for other personal reasons. People usually put it on their hand or their neck so it’s actually visible and people can see it.  

Lion Tattoo Designs


A lion tattoo designs look majestic and wise. A lion is represented as the king of the jungle. It conveys the bravery and courage of the bearer. 

The lion is commonly referred to as “King of Beasts” . It’s also a mighty animal and kingly in power. 

However the lioness tattoo is represented as the same as the lion’s characteristics. It’s the same as power, loyalty and Protection.It resolves notions of feminine strength and courage as well as motherhood. 

The best place  to have a lion s tattoo is on your chest or hand. It displays a lot of power and makes you look attractive. You can also embed it on your legs, thighs, back or stomach. 

Crown Tattoo Designs


It’s a circle made of gold and jewels that a king or a queen would wear on his/her head on official occasions . 

A crown is a symbolic form of headgear. It certainly represents Power, Legitimacy, Honour, Glory, Victory, righteousness and Resurrection.

Often people put the crown tattoo designs just to show how majestic they want to look and think themselves as their king of the world. Well certain people put this tattoo thinking of their loved ones as their king/queen.  

The tattoo, small or big really doesn’t matter. It neither changes the meaning nor the dignity of the tattoo. 

The best place to have this tattoo is on the wrist or on the side of your neck. If you want a bigger one, you can ink it on your chest. Or If you are looking for the smaller one this will be one of the best tattoo designs on hand.

Tribal Tattoo Designs


Tribal tattoos are quite common these days among tattoo lovers, not only it showcases their love for art and the tattoo but also represents their culture and heritage. 

These tattoos have existed for a longer time and they originate from different tribes worldwide. 

Each tattoo has various reasons as each of them have their own unique symbol attached to it. 

Moreover a lot of people still follow these traditions even now. In India there are still lot of people from the north east have been following these traditions in places like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Agartala, Shillong , Mizoram and other places 

In modern days, these tribal tattoo designs have evolved to emboss their Gods and different animals tattooed on their back or full chest to describe the symbol of freedom and culture.

Well, I hope you would have liked the best types of tattoos designs for men which will be suitable and would love to have one. 

Here are other simple tattoo designs suggestions, 


And please do share your feedback on the comment section and let me know your suggestions on relevant topics.  

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  1. I always wish to have a tattoo someday, but I couldn’t get one. Can we get small size tattoos? If yes, please help me with some designs?

  2. My younger brother wants to get a tattoo, But he is scared and worried about pain, and some say after having a tattoo they even get fever and skin issues, is that true?

  3. These are the best tattoo designs for men, I was looking for the best designs that can cover full hands, I liked the god shiva tattoo Definitely I would like to get this tattoo on my hands after this pandemic. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Being a tattoo lover, I’ll say getting a tattoo is the first of stepping out from the comfort zone. You’re rare, raw, bold and independent. Thanks to the tattoo designs for men article, atleast people will slowly understand that getting a tattoo is not taboo.

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